Enclosed CJK Letters And Months Unicode Block

Enclosed CJK Letters and Months is a Unicode block containing circled and parenthesized Katakana, Hangul, and CJK ideographs. During the unification with ISO 10646 for version 1.1, the Japanese Industrial Standard Symbol was reassigned from the code point U+32FF at the end of the block to U+3004. Also included in the block are miscellaneous glyphs that would more likely fit in CJK Compatibility or Enclosed Alphanumerics: a few unit abbreviations, circled numbers from 21 to 50, and circled multiples of 10 from 10 to 80 enclosed in black squares (representing speed limit signs).

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Below you will find all the characters that are in the Enclosed CJK Letters And Months unicode block. Currently there are 255 characters in this block.

Image Browser Unicode Name
Parenthesized Hangul KiyeokU+3200Parenthesized Hangul Kiyeok
Parenthesized Hangul NieunU+3201Parenthesized Hangul Nieun
Parenthesized Hangul TikeutU+3202Parenthesized Hangul Tikeut
Parenthesized Hangul RieulU+3203Parenthesized Hangul Rieul
Parenthesized Hangul MieumU+3204Parenthesized Hangul Mieum
Parenthesized Hangul PieupU+3205Parenthesized Hangul Pieup
Parenthesized Hangul SiosU+3206Parenthesized Hangul Sios
Parenthesized Hangul IeungU+3207Parenthesized Hangul Ieung
Parenthesized Hangul CieucU+3208Parenthesized Hangul Cieuc
Parenthesized Hangul ChieuchU+3209Parenthesized Hangul Chieuch
Parenthesized Hangul KhieukhU+320AParenthesized Hangul Khieukh
Parenthesized Hangul ThieuthU+320BParenthesized Hangul Thieuth
Parenthesized Hangul PhieuphU+320CParenthesized Hangul Phieuph
Parenthesized Hangul HieuhU+320DParenthesized Hangul Hieuh
Parenthesized Hangul Kiyeok AU+320EParenthesized Hangul Kiyeok A
Parenthesized Hangul Nieun AU+320FParenthesized Hangul Nieun A
Parenthesized Hangul Tikeut AU+3210Parenthesized Hangul Tikeut A
Parenthesized Hangul Rieul AU+3211Parenthesized Hangul Rieul A
Parenthesized Hangul Mieum AU+3212Parenthesized Hangul Mieum A
Parenthesized Hangul Pieup AU+3213Parenthesized Hangul Pieup A
Parenthesized Hangul Sios AU+3214Parenthesized Hangul Sios A
Parenthesized Hangul Ieung AU+3215Parenthesized Hangul Ieung A
Parenthesized Hangul Cieuc AU+3216Parenthesized Hangul Cieuc A
Parenthesized Hangul Chieuch AU+3217Parenthesized Hangul Chieuch A
Parenthesized Hangul Khieukh AU+3218Parenthesized Hangul Khieukh A
Parenthesized Hangul Thieuth AU+3219Parenthesized Hangul Thieuth A
Parenthesized Hangul Phieuph AU+321AParenthesized Hangul Phieuph A
Parenthesized Hangul Hieuh AU+321BParenthesized Hangul Hieuh A
Parenthesized Hangul Cieuc UU+321CParenthesized Hangul Cieuc U
Parenthesized Korean Character OjeonU+321DParenthesized Korean Character Ojeon
Parenthesized Korean Character O HuU+321EParenthesized Korean Character O Hu
Parenthesized Ideograph OneU+3220Parenthesized Ideograph One
Parenthesized Ideograph TwoU+3221Parenthesized Ideograph Two
Parenthesized Ideograph ThreeU+3222Parenthesized Ideograph Three
Parenthesized Ideograph FourU+3223Parenthesized Ideograph Four
Parenthesized Ideograph FiveU+3224Parenthesized Ideograph Five
Parenthesized Ideograph SixU+3225Parenthesized Ideograph Six
Parenthesized Ideograph SevenU+3226Parenthesized Ideograph Seven
Parenthesized Ideograph EightU+3227Parenthesized Ideograph Eight
Parenthesized Ideograph NineU+3228Parenthesized Ideograph Nine
Parenthesized Ideograph TenU+3229Parenthesized Ideograph Ten
Parenthesized Ideograph MoonU+322AParenthesized Ideograph Moon
Parenthesized Ideograph FireU+322BParenthesized Ideograph Fire
Parenthesized Ideograph WaterU+322CParenthesized Ideograph Water
Parenthesized Ideograph WoodU+322DParenthesized Ideograph Wood
Parenthesized Ideograph MetalU+322EParenthesized Ideograph Metal
Parenthesized Ideograph EarthU+322FParenthesized Ideograph Earth
Parenthesized Ideograph SunU+3230Parenthesized Ideograph Sun
Parenthesized Ideograph StockU+3231Parenthesized Ideograph Stock
Parenthesized Ideograph HaveU+3232Parenthesized Ideograph Have