Emoji Modifiers

Emoji modifiers are a powerful tool that enhances the expressiveness and inclusivity of emojis. These modifiers allow users to change the skin tone of certain emojis to reflect different racial and ethnic identities, promoting diversity and representation in digital communication. By incorporating modifiers, emojis become more inclusive and sensitive to individual backgrounds, ensuring that people from various cultures can see themselves accurately represented in these digital symbols. Emoji modifiers go beyond mere visual customization; they symbolize a commitment to acknowledging and celebrating the rich tapestry of human diversity, fostering a more inclusive and empathetic online conversation.

View a complete list of emojis that are available with skin tone modifiers. The skin tones come from using the following emoji skin tones:
🏻 - Light, 🏼 - Medium Light, 🏽 - Medium, 🏾 - Medium Dark and 🏿 - Dark.

Waving Hand

Raised Back Of Hand

Hand With Fingers Splayed

Raised Hand

Vulcan Salute

Rightwards Hand

Leftwards Hand

Palm Down Hand

Palm Up Hand

Leftwards Pushing Hand

Rightwards Pushing Hand

OK Hand

Pinched Fingers

Pinching Hand

Victory Hand

Crossed Fingers

Hand With Index Finger And Thumb Crossed

Love-you Gesture

Sign Of The Horns

Call Me Hand

Backhand Index Pointing Left

Backhand Index Pointing Right

Backhand Index Pointing Up

Middle Finger

Backhand Index Pointing Down

Index Pointing Up

Index Pointing At The Viewer

Thumbs Up

Thumbs Down

Raised Fist

Oncoming Fist

Left-facing Fist

Right-facing Fist

Clapping Hands

Raising Hands

Heart Hands

Open Hands

Palms Up Together



Folded Hands

Writing Hand

Nail Polish


Flexed Biceps




Ear With Hearing Aid







Person: Blond Hair


Person: Beard

Man: Beard

Woman: Beard

Man: Red Hair

Man: Curly Hair

Man: White Hair

Man: Bald


Woman: Red Hair

Woman: Curly Hair

Woman: White Hair

Woman: Bald

Woman: Blond Hair

Man: Blond Hair

Older Person

Old Man

Old Woman

Person Frowning

Man Frowning

Woman Frowning

Person Pouting

Man Pouting

Woman Pouting

Person Gesturing No

Man Gesturing No

Woman Gesturing No

Person Gesturing Ok

Man Gesturing Ok

Woman Gesturing Ok

Person Tipping Hand

Man Tipping Hand

Woman Tipping Hand

Person Raising Hand

Man Raising Hand

Woman Raising Hand

Deaf Person

Deaf Man

Deaf Woman

Person Bowing

Man Bowing

Woman Bowing

Person Facepalming

Man Facepalming

Woman Facepalming

Person Shrugging

Man Shrugging

Woman Shrugging

Man Health Worker

Woman Health Worker

Man Student

Woman Student

Man Teacher

Woman Teacher

Man Judge

Woman Judge

Man Farmer

Woman Farmer

Man Cook

Woman Cook

Man Mechanic

Woman Mechanic

Man Factory Worker

Woman Factory Worker

Man Office Worker

Woman Office Worker

Man Scientist

Woman Scientist

Man Technologist

Woman Technologist

Man Singer

Woman Singer

Man Artist

Woman Artist

Man Pilot

Woman Pilot

Man Astronaut

Woman Astronaut

Man Firefighter

Woman Firefighter

Police Officer

Man Police Officer

Woman Police Officer


Man Detective

Woman Detective


Man Guard

Woman Guard


Construction Worker

Man Construction Worker

Woman Construction Worker

Person With Crown



Person Wearing Turban

Man Wearing Turban

Woman Wearing Turban

Person With Skullcap

Person With Headscarf

Person In Tuxedo

Man In Tuxedo

Woman In Tuxedo

Person With Veil

Man With Veil

Woman With Veil

Pregnant Woman

Pregnant Man

Pregnant Person


Woman Feeding Baby

Man Feeding Baby

Person Feeding Baby

Baby Angel

Santa Claus

Mrs. Claus

Mx Claus


Man Superhero

Woman Superhero


Man Supervillain

Woman Supervillain


Man Mage

Woman Mage


Man Fairy

Woman Fairy


Man Vampire

Woman Vampire





Man Elf

Woman Elf

Person Getting Massage

Man Getting Massage

Woman Getting Massage

Person Getting Haircut

Man Getting Haircut

Woman Getting Haircut

Person Walking

Man Walking

Woman Walking

Person Walking Facing Right

Woman Walking Facing Right

Man Walking Facing Right

Person Standing

Man Standing

Woman Standing

Person Kneeling

Man Kneeling

Woman Kneeling

Person Kneeling Facing Right

Woman Kneeling Facing Right

Man Kneeling Facing Right

Person With White Cane Facing Right

Man With White Cane

Man With White Cane Facing Right

Woman With White Cane

Woman With White Cane Facing Right

Person In Motorized Wheelchair Facing Right

Man In Motorized Wheelchair

Man In Motorized Wheelchair Facing Right

Woman In Motorized Wheelchair

Woman In Motorized Wheelchair Facing Right

Person In Manual Wheelchair Facing Right

Man In Manual Wheelchair

Man In Manual Wheelchair Facing Right

Woman In Manual Wheelchair

Woman In Manual Wheelchair Facing Right

Person Running

Man Running

Woman Running

Person Running Facing Right

Woman Running Facing Right

Man Running Facing Right

Woman Dancing

Man Dancing

Person In Suit Levitating

Person In Steamy Room

Man In Steamy Room

Woman In Steamy Room

Person Climbing

Man Climbing

Woman Climbing

Horse Racing


Person Golfing

Man Golfing

Woman Golfing

Person Surfing

Man Surfing

Woman Surfing

Person Rowing Boat

Man Rowing Boat

Woman Rowing Boat

Person Swimming

Man Swimming

Woman Swimming

Person Bouncing Ball

Man Bouncing Ball

Woman Bouncing Ball

Person Lifting Weights

Man Lifting Weights

Woman Lifting Weights

Person Biking

Man Biking

Woman Biking

Person Mountain Biking

Man Mountain Biking

Woman Mountain Biking

Person Cartwheeling

Man Cartwheeling

Woman Cartwheeling

Kiss: Woman, Man


Kiss: Man, Man


Person Playing Water Polo

Kiss: Woman, Woman


Man Playing Water Polo

Woman Playing Water Polo

Couple With Heart: Woman, Man


Person Playing Handball

Couple With Heart: Man, Man


Man Playing Handball

Couple With Heart: Woman, Woman


Woman Playing Handball

Person Juggling

Man Juggling

Woman Juggling

Person In Lotus Position

Man In Lotus Position

Woman In Lotus Position

Person Taking Bath

Person In Bed

People Holding Hands


Women Holding Hands


Woman And Man Holding Hands


Men Holding Hands




Couple With Heart