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White Flag
Short Codes:
waving, white flag
Flags » Flag
Unicode Codepoint(s):
Not Available

🏳️ White Flag Meaning

The white flag emoji depicts a white flag in motion. When you are aware that you have encountered your match, you know it is best to give up and look for an alternative course of action. In the military, this is a sign that the losing party is prepared to surrender and has sent a mediator to find a win-win solution. Since you're not likely to send this emoji during a conflict, you can use it to convey that a challenging job or a more capable opponent has defeated you. First, send this emoji with a raised hand emoji to indicate that you are giving up because you can't go any further.

The white flag emoji was introduced in 2014 and released as part of the Unicode 11.0 standard. This emoji can be found under the flags category. Because the white flag emoji has been around for quite some time, it should display correctly in the majority of operating systems.

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  • Google
    White Flag Emoji Google
  • Apple
    White Flag Emoji Apple
  • Facebook
    White Flag Emoji Facebook
  • Twitter
    White Flag Emoji Twitter
  • Windows
    White Flag Emoji Windows
  • Samsung
    White Flag Emoji Samsung

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content: '\1F3F3 \FE0F';