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👋 Waving Hand
The Waving Hand emoji is a representation of a human hand that resembles the Hand With Fingers character. Emojis that are spread out but inclined and surrounded by lines that represent movement are intended to convey the idea that the hand is waving. In terms of meanings, the emoji is usually used to represent a waving gesture in its literal sense. The emoji can be used to express a welcome or bid someone or something farewell. On the other hand, it might also sarcastically imply hoping someone or something would disappear.
👋🏻 Waving Hand: Light Skin Tone
Waving Hand with light skin tone
👋🏼 Waving Hand: Medium-Light Skin Tone
Waving Hand with medium-light skin tone
👋🏽 Waving Hand: Medium Skin Tone
Waving Hand with medium skin tone
👋🏾 Waving Hand: Medium-Dark Skin Tone
Waving Hand with medium-dark skin tone
👋🏿 Waving Hand: Dark Skin Tone
Waving Hand with dark skin tone
🏴 Black Flag
An image of a black flag that is typically fluttering makes up the Black Flag emoji. As the opposite of the White Flag, which stands for surrender and peace, this one could be interpreted as a sign of anarchism, revolve, etc. It could also be employed to convey sadness and grief. Use the Black Flag emoji as another option if you want to "temporarily halt" an activity or event. It is coming actually from Rracing practises, particularly with the Red flag or — as a similar concept — The triangle flag. How come? The custom of simultaneously waving the black and red flags to signal the end of the competition is over.
🏳️ White Flag
The White Flag emoji depicts a white flag in motion. When you are aware that you have encountered your match, you know it is best to give up and look for an alternative course of action. In the military, this is a sign that the losing party is prepared to surrender and has sent a mediator to find a win-win solution. Since you're not likely to send this emoji during a conflict, you can use it to convey that a challenging job or a more capable opponent has defeated you. First, send this emoji with a Raised Hand emoji to indicate that you are giving up because you can't go any further.