Decimal Digit Number Unicode Category

The Unicode decimal digit number category refers to a classification system within the Unicode standard, which is used to represent and encode characters from various writing systems and languages in a consistent manner. In this category, characters are assigned specific numeric values that correspond to the decimal digits used in everyday numerical representation. These characters include digits from 0 to 9, along with their fullwidth and various linguistic variants, ensuring that numeric values can be universally and accurately represented across different scripts and languages. This categorization enables seamless exchange of numerical information in digital communication, regardless of the writing system being used.

Below you will find all the characters that are in the 'Decimal Digit Number' unicode category. Currently there are 680 characters in this category.

Image Browser Unicode Name
Mathematical Sans-Serif Digit Zero𝟢U+1D7E2Mathematical Sans-Serif Digit Zero
Mathematical Sans-Serif Digit One𝟣U+1D7E3Mathematical Sans-Serif Digit One
Mathematical Sans-Serif Digit Two𝟤U+1D7E4Mathematical Sans-Serif Digit Two
Mathematical Sans-Serif Digit Three𝟥U+1D7E5Mathematical Sans-Serif Digit Three
Mathematical Sans-Serif Digit Four𝟦U+1D7E6Mathematical Sans-Serif Digit Four
Mathematical Sans-Serif Digit Five𝟧U+1D7E7Mathematical Sans-Serif Digit Five
Mathematical Sans-Serif Digit Six𝟨U+1D7E8Mathematical Sans-Serif Digit Six
Mathematical Sans-Serif Digit Seven𝟩U+1D7E9Mathematical Sans-Serif Digit Seven
Mathematical Sans-Serif Digit Eight𝟪U+1D7EAMathematical Sans-Serif Digit Eight
Mathematical Sans-Serif Digit Nine𝟫U+1D7EBMathematical Sans-Serif Digit Nine
Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit Zero𝟬U+1D7ECMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit Zero
Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit One𝟭U+1D7EDMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit One
Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit Two𝟮U+1D7EEMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit Two
Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit Three𝟯U+1D7EFMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit Three
Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit Four𝟰U+1D7F0Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit Four
Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit Five𝟱U+1D7F1Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit Five
Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit Six𝟲U+1D7F2Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit Six
Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit Seven𝟳U+1D7F3Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit Seven
Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit Eight𝟴U+1D7F4Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit Eight
Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit Nine𝟵U+1D7F5Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit Nine
Mathematical Monospace Digit Zero𝟶U+1D7F6Mathematical Monospace Digit Zero
Mathematical Monospace Digit One𝟷U+1D7F7Mathematical Monospace Digit One
Mathematical Monospace Digit Two𝟸U+1D7F8Mathematical Monospace Digit Two
Mathematical Monospace Digit Three𝟹U+1D7F9Mathematical Monospace Digit Three
Mathematical Monospace Digit Four𝟺U+1D7FAMathematical Monospace Digit Four
Mathematical Monospace Digit Five𝟻U+1D7FBMathematical Monospace Digit Five
Mathematical Monospace Digit Six𝟼U+1D7FCMathematical Monospace Digit Six
Mathematical Monospace Digit Seven𝟽U+1D7FDMathematical Monospace Digit Seven
Mathematical Monospace Digit Eight𝟾U+1D7FEMathematical Monospace Digit Eight
Mathematical Monospace Digit Nine𝟿U+1D7FFMathematical Monospace Digit Nine
Nyiakeng Puachue Hmong Digit Zero𞅀U+1E140Nyiakeng Puachue Hmong Digit Zero
Nyiakeng Puachue Hmong Digit One𞅁U+1E141Nyiakeng Puachue Hmong Digit One
Nyiakeng Puachue Hmong Digit Two𞅂U+1E142Nyiakeng Puachue Hmong Digit Two
Nyiakeng Puachue Hmong Digit Three𞅃U+1E143Nyiakeng Puachue Hmong Digit Three
Nyiakeng Puachue Hmong Digit Four𞅄U+1E144Nyiakeng Puachue Hmong Digit Four
Nyiakeng Puachue Hmong Digit Five𞅅U+1E145Nyiakeng Puachue Hmong Digit Five
Nyiakeng Puachue Hmong Digit Six𞅆U+1E146Nyiakeng Puachue Hmong Digit Six
Nyiakeng Puachue Hmong Digit Seven𞅇U+1E147Nyiakeng Puachue Hmong Digit Seven
Nyiakeng Puachue Hmong Digit Eight𞅈U+1E148Nyiakeng Puachue Hmong Digit Eight
Nyiakeng Puachue Hmong Digit Nine𞅉U+1E149Nyiakeng Puachue Hmong Digit Nine
Wancho Digit Zero𞋰U+1E2F0Wancho Digit Zero
Wancho Digit One𞋱U+1E2F1Wancho Digit One
Wancho Digit Two𞋲U+1E2F2Wancho Digit Two
Wancho Digit Three𞋳U+1E2F3Wancho Digit Three
Wancho Digit Four𞋴U+1E2F4Wancho Digit Four
Wancho Digit Five𞋵U+1E2F5Wancho Digit Five
Wancho Digit Six𞋶U+1E2F6Wancho Digit Six
Wancho Digit Seven𞋷U+1E2F7Wancho Digit Seven
Wancho Digit Eight𞋸U+1E2F8Wancho Digit Eight
Wancho Digit Nine𞋹U+1E2F9Wancho Digit Nine