Tibetan Unicode Block

The Unicode Tibetan block is a dedicated section within the Unicode Standard, a standardized character encoding system for digital representation of text from various writing systems around the world. This block, officially named "Tibetan" in Unicode, is assigned the code range U+0F00 to U+0FFF and is primarily used for encoding Tibetan script characters. Tibetan script is an abugida writing system used primarily to write the Tibetan language. It is also employed for other languages in the Tibetan cultural sphere, such as Dzongkha and Ladakhi. The Unicode Tibetan block includes a comprehensive range of characters, combining consonants, vowels, diacritics, and other marks necessary for accurately representing Tibetan text. The encoding of Tibetan script in Unicode has been essential for digital communication, text processing, and font development, making it possible to represent Tibetan text on computers, the internet, and various digital platforms. This block ensures the preservation and accessibility of Tibetan language and culture in the digital age.

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Below you will find all the characters that are in the Tibetan unicode block. Currently there are 211 characters in this block.

Image Browser Unicode Name
Tibetan Syllable OmU+0F00Tibetan Syllable Om
Tibetan Mark Gter Yig Mgo Truncated AU+0F01Tibetan Mark Gter Yig Mgo Truncated A
Tibetan Mark Gter Yig Mgo -Um Rnam Bcad MaU+0F02Tibetan Mark Gter Yig Mgo -Um Rnam Bcad Ma
Tibetan Mark Gter Yig Mgo -Um Gter Tsheg MaU+0F03Tibetan Mark Gter Yig Mgo -Um Gter Tsheg Ma
Tibetan Mark Initial Yig Mgo Mdun MaU+0F04Tibetan Mark Initial Yig Mgo Mdun Ma
Tibetan Mark Closing Yig Mgo Sgab MaU+0F05Tibetan Mark Closing Yig Mgo Sgab Ma
Tibetan Mark Caret Yig Mgo Phur Shad MaU+0F06Tibetan Mark Caret Yig Mgo Phur Shad Ma
Tibetan Mark Yig Mgo Tsheg Shad MaU+0F07Tibetan Mark Yig Mgo Tsheg Shad Ma
Tibetan Mark Sbrul ShadU+0F08Tibetan Mark Sbrul Shad
Tibetan Mark Bskur Yig MgoU+0F09Tibetan Mark Bskur Yig Mgo
Tibetan Mark Bka- Shog Yig MgoU+0F0ATibetan Mark Bka- Shog Yig Mgo
Tibetan Mark Intersyllabic TshegU+0F0BTibetan Mark Intersyllabic Tsheg
Tibetan Mark Delimiter Tsheg BstarU+0F0CTibetan Mark Delimiter Tsheg Bstar
Tibetan Mark ShadU+0F0DTibetan Mark Shad
Tibetan Mark Nyis ShadU+0F0ETibetan Mark Nyis Shad
Tibetan Mark Tsheg ShadU+0F0FTibetan Mark Tsheg Shad
Tibetan Mark Nyis Tsheg ShadU+0F10Tibetan Mark Nyis Tsheg Shad
Tibetan Mark Rin Chen Spungs ShadU+0F11Tibetan Mark Rin Chen Spungs Shad
Tibetan Mark Rgya Gram ShadU+0F12Tibetan Mark Rgya Gram Shad
Tibetan Mark Caret -Dzud Rtags Me Long CanU+0F13Tibetan Mark Caret -Dzud Rtags Me Long Can
Tibetan Mark Gter TshegU+0F14Tibetan Mark Gter Tsheg
Tibetan Logotype Sign Chad RtagsU+0F15Tibetan Logotype Sign Chad Rtags
Tibetan Logotype Sign Lhag RtagsU+0F16Tibetan Logotype Sign Lhag Rtags
Tibetan Astrological Sign Sgra Gcan -Char RtagsU+0F17Tibetan Astrological Sign Sgra Gcan -Char Rtags
Tibetan Astrological Sign -Khyud PaU+0F18Tibetan Astrological Sign -Khyud Pa
Tibetan Astrological Sign Sdong TshugsU+0F19Tibetan Astrological Sign Sdong Tshugs
Tibetan Sign Rdel Dkar GcigU+0F1ATibetan Sign Rdel Dkar Gcig
Tibetan Sign Rdel Dkar GnyisU+0F1BTibetan Sign Rdel Dkar Gnyis
Tibetan Sign Rdel Dkar GsumU+0F1CTibetan Sign Rdel Dkar Gsum
Tibetan Sign Rdel Nag GcigU+0F1DTibetan Sign Rdel Nag Gcig
Tibetan Sign Rdel Nag GnyisU+0F1ETibetan Sign Rdel Nag Gnyis
Tibetan Sign Rdel Dkar Rdel NagU+0F1FTibetan Sign Rdel Dkar Rdel Nag
Tibetan Digit ZeroU+0F20Tibetan Digit Zero
Tibetan Digit OneU+0F21Tibetan Digit One
Tibetan Digit TwoU+0F22Tibetan Digit Two
Tibetan Digit ThreeU+0F23Tibetan Digit Three
Tibetan Digit FourU+0F24Tibetan Digit Four
Tibetan Digit FiveU+0F25Tibetan Digit Five
Tibetan Digit SixU+0F26Tibetan Digit Six
Tibetan Digit SevenU+0F27Tibetan Digit Seven
Tibetan Digit EightU+0F28Tibetan Digit Eight
Tibetan Digit NineU+0F29Tibetan Digit Nine
Tibetan Digit Half OneU+0F2ATibetan Digit Half One
Tibetan Digit Half TwoU+0F2BTibetan Digit Half Two
Tibetan Digit Half ThreeU+0F2CTibetan Digit Half Three
Tibetan Digit Half FourU+0F2DTibetan Digit Half Four
Tibetan Digit Half FiveU+0F2ETibetan Digit Half Five
Tibetan Digit Half SixU+0F2FTibetan Digit Half Six
Tibetan Digit Half SevenU+0F30Tibetan Digit Half Seven
Tibetan Digit Half EightU+0F31Tibetan Digit Half Eight