Samaritan Unicode Script

The Samaritan Pentateuch, writings in Samaritan Hebrew, as well as commentaries and translations in Samaritan Aramaic and rarely Arabic, are all written in the Samaritan script. The Samaritan alphabet, a variant of the Phoenician alphabet, is a direct ancestor of the Paleo-Hebrew language. According to the majority of scholars, who also hold that these scripts are offspring of the Proto-Sinaitic script, Paleo-Hebrew is the alphabet in which the Hebrew Bible was initially written in large portions. Jews and Samaritans alike used the Paleo-Hebrew alphabet in ancient Israel.

Below you will find all the characters that are in the 'Samaritan' unicode script category. Currently there are 61 characters in this category.

Image Browser Unicode Name
Samaritan Letter AlafU+0800Samaritan Letter Alaf
Samaritan Letter BitU+0801Samaritan Letter Bit
Samaritan Letter GamanU+0802Samaritan Letter Gaman
Samaritan Letter DalatU+0803Samaritan Letter Dalat
Samaritan Letter IyU+0804Samaritan Letter Iy
Samaritan Letter BaaU+0805Samaritan Letter Baa
Samaritan Letter ZenU+0806Samaritan Letter Zen
Samaritan Letter ItU+0807Samaritan Letter It
Samaritan Letter TitU+0808Samaritan Letter Tit
Samaritan Letter YutU+0809Samaritan Letter Yut
Samaritan Letter KaafU+080ASamaritan Letter Kaaf
Samaritan Letter LabatU+080BSamaritan Letter Labat
Samaritan Letter MimU+080CSamaritan Letter Mim
Samaritan Letter NunU+080DSamaritan Letter Nun
Samaritan Letter SingaatU+080ESamaritan Letter Singaat
Samaritan Letter InU+080FSamaritan Letter In
Samaritan Letter FiU+0810Samaritan Letter Fi
Samaritan Letter TsaadiyU+0811Samaritan Letter Tsaadiy
Samaritan Letter QufU+0812Samaritan Letter Quf
Samaritan Letter RishU+0813Samaritan Letter Rish
Samaritan Letter ShanU+0814Samaritan Letter Shan
Samaritan Letter TaafU+0815Samaritan Letter Taaf
Samaritan Mark InU+0816Samaritan Mark In
Samaritan Mark In-AlafU+0817Samaritan Mark In-Alaf
Samaritan Mark OcclusionU+0818Samaritan Mark Occlusion
Samaritan Mark DageshU+0819Samaritan Mark Dagesh
Samaritan Modifier Letter Epenthetic YutU+081ASamaritan Modifier Letter Epenthetic Yut
Samaritan Mark Epenthetic YutU+081BSamaritan Mark Epenthetic Yut
Samaritan Vowel Sign Long EU+081CSamaritan Vowel Sign Long E
Samaritan Vowel Sign EU+081DSamaritan Vowel Sign E
Samaritan Vowel Sign Overlong AaU+081ESamaritan Vowel Sign Overlong Aa
Samaritan Vowel Sign Long AaU+081FSamaritan Vowel Sign Long Aa
Samaritan Vowel Sign AaU+0820Samaritan Vowel Sign Aa
Samaritan Vowel Sign Overlong AU+0821Samaritan Vowel Sign Overlong A
Samaritan Vowel Sign Long AU+0822Samaritan Vowel Sign Long A
Samaritan Vowel Sign AU+0823Samaritan Vowel Sign A
Samaritan Modifier Letter Short AU+0824Samaritan Modifier Letter Short A
Samaritan Vowel Sign Short AU+0825Samaritan Vowel Sign Short A
Samaritan Vowel Sign Long UU+0826Samaritan Vowel Sign Long U
Samaritan Vowel Sign UU+0827Samaritan Vowel Sign U
Samaritan Modifier Letter IU+0828Samaritan Modifier Letter I
Samaritan Vowel Sign Long IU+0829Samaritan Vowel Sign Long I
Samaritan Vowel Sign IU+082ASamaritan Vowel Sign I
Samaritan Vowel Sign OU+082BSamaritan Vowel Sign O
Samaritan Vowel Sign SukunU+082CSamaritan Vowel Sign Sukun
Samaritan Mark NequdaaU+082DSamaritan Mark Nequdaa
Samaritan Punctuation NequdaaU+0830Samaritan Punctuation Nequdaa
Samaritan Punctuation AfsaaqU+0831Samaritan Punctuation Afsaaq
Samaritan Punctuation AngedU+0832Samaritan Punctuation Anged
Samaritan Punctuation BauU+0833Samaritan Punctuation Bau