Runic Unicode Script

A rune is a letter in the group of linked Germanic alphabets known as the runic alphabets. With a few exceptions, runes were used to write a variety of Germanic languages before they adopted the Latin alphabet and for specific reasons afterwards. Runes can be used to symbolise the ideas for which they are named in addition to a sound value (a phoneme). (ideographs). Examples of the latter are referred to as "concept runes" by academics. The Anglo-Saxon equivalent is futhorc, while the Scandinavian versions go by the name futhark. (due to sound-changes undergone in Old English by the names of those six letters).

Below you will find all the characters that are in the 'Runic' unicode script category. Currently there are 86 characters in this category.

Image Browser Unicode Name
Runic Letter Fehu Feoh Fe FU+16A0Runic Letter Fehu Feoh Fe F
Runic Letter VU+16A1Runic Letter V
Runic Letter Uruz Ur UU+16A2Runic Letter Uruz Ur U
Runic Letter YrU+16A3Runic Letter Yr
Runic Letter YU+16A4Runic Letter Y
Runic Letter WU+16A5Runic Letter W
Runic Letter Thurisaz Thurs ThornU+16A6Runic Letter Thurisaz Thurs Thorn
Runic Letter EthU+16A7Runic Letter Eth
Runic Letter Ansuz AU+16A8Runic Letter Ansuz A
Runic Letter Os OU+16A9Runic Letter Os O
Runic Letter Ac AU+16AARunic Letter Ac A
Runic Letter AescU+16ABRunic Letter Aesc
Runic Letter Long-Branch-Oss OU+16ACRunic Letter Long-Branch-Oss O
Runic Letter Short-Twig-Oss OU+16ADRunic Letter Short-Twig-Oss O
Runic Letter OU+16AERunic Letter O
Runic Letter OeU+16AFRunic Letter Oe
Runic Letter OnU+16B0Runic Letter On
Runic Letter Raido Rad Reid RU+16B1Runic Letter Raido Rad Reid R
Runic Letter KaunaU+16B2Runic Letter Kauna
Runic Letter CenU+16B3Runic Letter Cen
Runic Letter Kaun KU+16B4Runic Letter Kaun K
Runic Letter GU+16B5Runic Letter G
Runic Letter EngU+16B6Runic Letter Eng
Runic Letter Gebo Gyfu GU+16B7Runic Letter Gebo Gyfu G
Runic Letter GarU+16B8Runic Letter Gar
Runic Letter Wunjo Wynn WU+16B9Runic Letter Wunjo Wynn W
Runic Letter Haglaz HU+16BARunic Letter Haglaz H
Runic Letter Haegl HU+16BBRunic Letter Haegl H
Runic Letter Long-Branch-Hagall HU+16BCRunic Letter Long-Branch-Hagall H
Runic Letter Short-Twig-Hagall HU+16BDRunic Letter Short-Twig-Hagall H
Runic Letter Naudiz Nyd Naud NU+16BERunic Letter Naudiz Nyd Naud N
Runic Letter Short-Twig-Naud NU+16BFRunic Letter Short-Twig-Naud N
Runic Letter Dotted-NU+16C0Runic Letter Dotted-N
Runic Letter Isaz Is Iss IU+16C1Runic Letter Isaz Is Iss I
Runic Letter EU+16C2Runic Letter E
Runic Letter Jeran JU+16C3Runic Letter Jeran J
Runic Letter GerU+16C4Runic Letter Ger
Runic Letter Long-Branch-Ar AeU+16C5Runic Letter Long-Branch-Ar Ae
Runic Letter Short-Twig-Ar AU+16C6Runic Letter Short-Twig-Ar A
Runic Letter Iwaz EohU+16C7Runic Letter Iwaz Eoh
Runic Letter Pertho Peorth PU+16C8Runic Letter Pertho Peorth P
Runic Letter Algiz EolhxU+16C9Runic Letter Algiz Eolhx
Runic Letter Sowilo SU+16CARunic Letter Sowilo S
Runic Letter Sigel Long-Branch-Sol SU+16CBRunic Letter Sigel Long-Branch-Sol S
Runic Letter Short-Twig-Sol SU+16CCRunic Letter Short-Twig-Sol S
Runic Letter CU+16CDRunic Letter C
Runic Letter ZU+16CERunic Letter Z
Runic Letter Tiwaz Tir Tyr TU+16CFRunic Letter Tiwaz Tir Tyr T
Runic Letter Short-Twig-Tyr TU+16D0Runic Letter Short-Twig-Tyr T
Runic Letter DU+16D1Runic Letter D