Rejang Unicode Script

The Brahmic family of alphabets includes the Rejang alphabet, which is linked to other regional scripts like Batak, Lontara, and others. Rejang is a part of the family of Ulu typefaces, which also includes Bengkulu, South Sumatra, Lembak, Lintang, Lebong, and Serawai. South Sumatra, Kerinci, and Lampung are other scripts that are closely linked to and occasionally included in the Surat Ulu group. The script was in use before Islam arrived in the Rejang region; the oldest document that has been attested dates from what appears to be the middle of the 18th century CE. The KaGaNga script, which uses the first three characters of the alphabet, is another name for the Rejang script.

Below you will find all the characters that are in the 'Rejang' unicode script category. Currently there are 37 characters in this category.