Carian Unicode Script

The writing systems for the Carian tongue of western Anatolia are referred to as Carian alphabets. A homogeneous variation is recorded from the Nile delta, where Carian mercenaries fought for the Egyptian pharaohs. They were composed of about 30 alphabetic letters, with several geographic variants in Caria. Except for the Carian-Lydian city of Tralleis, they were inscribed right-to-left in Egypt and left-to-right in Caria. Beginning with John Ray in 1981, Carian was mainly deciphered from bilingual Egyptian-Carian tomb inscriptions; up until that point, only a few sound values and the alphabetic nature of the script had been established.

Below you will find all the characters that are in the 'Carian' unicode script category. Currently there are 49 characters in this category.