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💝 Heart With Ribbon
The red heart in the center of the heart with ribbon emoji is surrounded by a yellow ribbon. On some other systems, like Apple and Google, a pink heart is shown in its place. When a sender wishes to describe a gift they want to give, they frequently use this emoji. As long as it is given with affection, this gift can be either romantic or platonic. However, on Valentine's Day, it becomes much more well-liked among partners. In place of tangible gifts, it can also simply allude to love or happiness.
🎀 Ribbon
The Ribbon emoji depicts a pink (or red, depending on which emoji provider you use) ribbon bow. Although less apparent than other fashion-related emojis, it is a symbol of girlishness and childishness as well as beauty and glamor. Additionally, it frequently appears in the setting of weddings, for which the Ribbon is one of the customary elements, and children's birthdays.
🎗️ Reminder Ribbon
The Reminder Ribbon emoji expresses support and spreads knowledge about a specific condition or disease. They appear in a range of colors that correspond to their purpose. You've probably seen a pink ribbon, for instance, which is used to promote breast cancer awareness. Send this emoji along with one of the colored hearts, such as the green heart emoji, which stands for mental health consciousness, when you want to discuss a particular cause. Alternately, share it with the yellow heart emoji to express your support for our soldiers serving abroad.