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👸 Princess
A young lady with long, straight hair, typically in a blonde or brown shade, and a crown on her head is shown in the princess emoji. It is intended to symbolise a princess or a young lady who is regarded as being noble or of high status. The princess emoji can be used to depict a fictional or real-life princess or to indicate someone's status. It can be used to inject a little whimsy or fantasy into a discussion and is frequently used in a playful or exaggerated manner.
👸🏻 Princess: Light Skin Tone
Princess with light skin tone
👸🏼 Princess: Medium-Light Skin Tone
Princess with medium-light skin tone
👸🏽 Princess: Medium Skin Tone
Princess with medium skin tone
👸🏾 Princess: Medium-Dark Skin Tone
Princess with medium-dark skin tone
👸🏿 Princess: Dark Skin Tone
Princess with dark skin tone