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khanda, religion, Sikh
Symbols » Religion
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Not Available

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"khanda" is an emoji that represents the sikh faith emblem. Three items make up this symbol: two crossed kirpan knives, a double-edged weapon positioned in the middle of a chakkar throwing quoit. Emoji usage is mainly connected to the sikh faith. Therefore, "khanda" can refer to a belief or religion as well as the things, locations, and occasions connected to it. The emoji can also be used to convey sympathy, support, and safety. When discussing sikhism, the "khanda" symbol can be added. Think, for instance, of religious festivals and customs. Use emoji on social media to make it simpler to connect with people who share your beliefs, with the emoji's picture serving as your personal religious symbol.

The khanda emoji was introduced in 2022 and released as part of the Unicode 15.0 standard. This emoji can be found under the symbols category. Because the khanda emoji has not been around for very long, it might not display correctly in some operating systems.

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