Yi Syllables Unicode Block

The Unicode Yi Syllables block, designated as "Yi Syllables" and located in the Unicode Standard's supplementary plane (Plane 1), encompasses a set of characters used to represent the syllabic script of the Yi people, an ethnic group primarily residing in southwestern China. The Yi script is an abugida, which means that each character represents a syllable, typically composed of a consonant and a vowel sound. This block contains over 1,000 characters, each representing a unique Yi syllable, including variations with different tones. These characters enable digital representation and communication of the Yi language, fostering the preservation and dissemination of Yi culture and language in the digital age. Unicode's inclusion of the Yi Syllables block has been a significant step in promoting linguistic diversity and cultural heritage through standardized digital encoding.

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Below you will find all the characters that are in the Yi Syllables unicode block. Currently there are 1165 characters in this block.