Yi Radicals Unicode Block

The Unicode Yi Radicals block is a section within the Unicode Standard, which is a standardized character encoding system used for representing text in various writing systems around the world. Specifically, the Yi Radicals block (U+A490 to U+A4CF) is dedicated to the Yi script, which is used primarily by the Yi people, an ethnic group in China. The Yi Radicals block contains a set of characters that are essential building blocks for writing in the Yi script. These radicals are used to form more complex Yi characters and symbols. The Yi script is known for its unique and intricate characters, and these radicals play a crucial role in the composition of Yi texts. Unicode encoding ensures that Yi script, like many other writing systems, can be accurately represented and processed in digital texts and computer systems, allowing for the preservation and dissemination of Yi culture and language in the digital age.

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Below you will find all the characters that are in the Yi Radicals unicode block. Currently there are 55 characters in this block.