Transport And Map Symbols Unicode Block

The Unicode Transport and Map Symbols block is a section within the Unicode Standard, which is a comprehensive character encoding system used for representing text and symbols from various writing systems and domains. This particular block, identified by its code range U+1F680 to U+1F6FF, is dedicated to a wide range of symbols and icons associated with transportation, maps, and navigation. Within this block, you can find a diverse collection of symbols, such as vehicles (cars, buses, trains, planes, and ships), traffic signs, road and railway infrastructure, various modes of transportation, and map-related icons like compasses and globes. These symbols are useful for a variety of applications, including digital maps, transportation-related software, signage, and any context where conveying information about transportation and navigation is necessary. The Unicode Transport and Map Symbols block facilitates the standardized representation of these symbols across different platforms, making it easier for developers, designers, and users to access and utilize these graphical elements in their projects.

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Below you will find all the characters that are in the Transport And Map Symbols unicode block. Currently there are 118 characters in this block.