Supplemental Symbols And Pictographs Unicode Block

Supplemental Symbols and Pictographs is a Unicode block containing emoji characters. It extends the set of symbols included in the Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs block. It also includes Typikon symbols.

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Below you will find all the characters that are in the Supplemental Symbols And Pictographs unicode block. Currently there are 256 characters in this block.

Image Browser Unicode Name
Circled Cross Formee With Four Dots🤀U+1F900Circled Cross Formee With Four Dots
Circled Cross Formee With Two Dots🤁U+1F901Circled Cross Formee With Two Dots
Circled Cross Formee🤂U+1F902Circled Cross Formee
Left Half Circle With Four Dots🤃U+1F903Left Half Circle With Four Dots
Left Half Circle With Three Dots🤄U+1F904Left Half Circle With Three Dots
Left Half Circle With Two Dots🤅U+1F905Left Half Circle With Two Dots
Left Half Circle With Dot🤆U+1F906Left Half Circle With Dot
Left Half Circle🤇U+1F907Left Half Circle
Downward Facing Hook🤈U+1F908Downward Facing Hook
Downward Facing Notched Hook🤉U+1F909Downward Facing Notched Hook
Downward Facing Hook With Dot🤊U+1F90ADownward Facing Hook With Dot
Downward Facing Notched Hook With Dot🤋U+1F90BDownward Facing Notched Hook With Dot
Pinched Fingers🤌U+1F90CPinched Fingers
White Heart🤍U+1F90DWhite Heart
Brown Heart🤎U+1F90EBrown Heart
Pinching Hand🤏U+1F90FPinching Hand
Zipper-Mouth Face🤐U+1F910Zipper-Mouth Face
Money-Mouth Face🤑U+1F911Money-Mouth Face
Face With Thermometer🤒U+1F912Face With Thermometer
Nerd Face🤓U+1F913Nerd Face
Thinking Face🤔U+1F914Thinking Face
Face With Head-Bandage🤕U+1F915Face With Head-Bandage
Robot Face🤖U+1F916Robot Face
Hugging Face🤗U+1F917Hugging Face
Sign Of The Horns🤘U+1F918Sign Of The Horns
Call Me Hand🤙U+1F919Call Me Hand
Raised Back Of Hand🤚U+1F91ARaised Back Of Hand
Left-Facing Fist🤛U+1F91BLeft-Facing Fist
Right-Facing Fist🤜U+1F91CRight-Facing Fist
Hand With Index And Middle Fingers Crossed🤞U+1F91EHand With Index And Middle Fingers Crossed
I Love You Hand Sign🤟U+1F91FI Love You Hand Sign
Face With Cowboy Hat🤠U+1F920Face With Cowboy Hat
Clown Face🤡U+1F921Clown Face
Nauseated Face🤢U+1F922Nauseated Face
Rolling On The Floor Laughing🤣U+1F923Rolling On The Floor Laughing
Drooling Face🤤U+1F924Drooling Face
Lying Face🤥U+1F925Lying Face
Face Palm🤦U+1F926Face Palm
Sneezing Face🤧U+1F927Sneezing Face
Face With One Eyebrow Raised🤨U+1F928Face With One Eyebrow Raised
Grinning Face With Star Eyes🤩U+1F929Grinning Face With Star Eyes
Grinning Face With One Large And One Small Eye🤪U+1F92AGrinning Face With One Large And One Small Eye
Face With Finger Covering Closed Lips🤫U+1F92BFace With Finger Covering Closed Lips
Serious Face With Symbols Covering Mouth🤬U+1F92CSerious Face With Symbols Covering Mouth
Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes And Hand Covering Mouth🤭U+1F92DSmiling Face With Smiling Eyes And Hand Covering Mouth
Face With Open Mouth Vomiting🤮U+1F92EFace With Open Mouth Vomiting
Shocked Face With Exploding Head🤯U+1F92FShocked Face With Exploding Head
Pregnant Woman🤰U+1F930Pregnant Woman