Supplemental Punctuation Unicode Block

Supplemental Punctuation is a Unicode block containing historic and specialized punctuation characters, including biblical editorial symbols, ancient Greek punctuation, and German dictionary marks. Additional punctuation characters are in the General Punctuation block and sprinkled in dozens of other Unicode blocks.

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Below you will find all the characters that are in the Supplemental Punctuation unicode block. Currently there are 94 characters in this block.

Image Browser Unicode Name
Right Angle Substitution MarkerU+2E00Right Angle Substitution Marker
Right Angle Dotted Substitution MarkerU+2E01Right Angle Dotted Substitution Marker
Left Substitution BracketU+2E02Left Substitution Bracket
Right Substitution BracketU+2E03Right Substitution Bracket
Left Dotted Substitution BracketU+2E04Left Dotted Substitution Bracket
Right Dotted Substitution BracketU+2E05Right Dotted Substitution Bracket
Raised Interpolation MarkerU+2E06Raised Interpolation Marker
Raised Dotted Interpolation MarkerU+2E07Raised Dotted Interpolation Marker
Dotted Transposition MarkerU+2E08Dotted Transposition Marker
Left Transposition BracketU+2E09Left Transposition Bracket
Right Transposition BracketU+2E0ARight Transposition Bracket
Raised SquareU+2E0BRaised Square
Left Raised Omission BracketU+2E0CLeft Raised Omission Bracket
Right Raised Omission BracketU+2E0DRight Raised Omission Bracket
Editorial CoronisU+2E0EEditorial Coronis
Forked ParagraphosU+2E10Forked Paragraphos
Reversed Forked ParagraphosU+2E11Reversed Forked Paragraphos
Dotted ObelosU+2E13Dotted Obelos
Downwards AncoraU+2E14Downwards Ancora
Upwards AncoraU+2E15Upwards Ancora
Dotted Right-Pointing AngleU+2E16Dotted Right-Pointing Angle
Double Oblique HyphenU+2E17Double Oblique Hyphen
Inverted InterrobangU+2E18Inverted Interrobang
Palm BranchU+2E19Palm Branch
Hyphen With DiaeresisU+2E1AHyphen With Diaeresis
Tilde With Ring AboveU+2E1BTilde With Ring Above
Left Low Paraphrase BracketU+2E1CLeft Low Paraphrase Bracket
Right Low Paraphrase BracketU+2E1DRight Low Paraphrase Bracket
Tilde With Dot AboveU+2E1ETilde With Dot Above
Tilde With Dot BelowU+2E1FTilde With Dot Below
Left Vertical Bar With QuillU+2E20Left Vertical Bar With Quill
Right Vertical Bar With QuillU+2E21Right Vertical Bar With Quill
Top Left Half BracketU+2E22Top Left Half Bracket
Top Right Half BracketU+2E23Top Right Half Bracket
Bottom Left Half BracketU+2E24Bottom Left Half Bracket
Bottom Right Half BracketU+2E25Bottom Right Half Bracket
Left Sideways U BracketU+2E26Left Sideways U Bracket
Right Sideways U BracketU+2E27Right Sideways U Bracket
Left Double ParenthesisU+2E28Left Double Parenthesis
Right Double ParenthesisU+2E29Right Double Parenthesis
Two Dots Over One Dot PunctuationU+2E2ATwo Dots Over One Dot Punctuation
One Dot Over Two Dots PunctuationU+2E2BOne Dot Over Two Dots Punctuation
Squared Four Dot PunctuationU+2E2CSquared Four Dot Punctuation
Five Dot MarkU+2E2DFive Dot Mark
Reversed Question MarkU+2E2EReversed Question Mark
Vertical TildeU+2E2FVertical Tilde
Ring PointU+2E30Ring Point
Word Separator Middle DotU+2E31Word Separator Middle Dot