Playing Cards Unicode Block

The Unicode block Playing Cards contains a full 56-card deck, a backside, three jokers, and 21 trump card images.

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Below you will find all the characters that are in the Playing Cards unicode block. Currently there are 82 characters in this block.

Image Browser Unicode Name
Playing Card Back🂠U+1F0A0Playing Card Back
Playing Card Ace Of Spades🂡U+1F0A1Playing Card Ace Of Spades
Playing Card Two Of Spades🂢U+1F0A2Playing Card Two Of Spades
Playing Card Three Of Spades🂣U+1F0A3Playing Card Three Of Spades
Playing Card Four Of Spades🂤U+1F0A4Playing Card Four Of Spades
Playing Card Five Of Spades🂥U+1F0A5Playing Card Five Of Spades
Playing Card Six Of Spades🂦U+1F0A6Playing Card Six Of Spades
Playing Card Seven Of Spades🂧U+1F0A7Playing Card Seven Of Spades
Playing Card Eight Of Spades🂨U+1F0A8Playing Card Eight Of Spades
Playing Card Nine Of Spades🂩U+1F0A9Playing Card Nine Of Spades
Playing Card Ten Of Spades🂪U+1F0AAPlaying Card Ten Of Spades
Playing Card Jack Of Spades🂫U+1F0ABPlaying Card Jack Of Spades
Playing Card Knight Of Spades🂬U+1F0ACPlaying Card Knight Of Spades
Playing Card Queen Of Spades🂭U+1F0ADPlaying Card Queen Of Spades
Playing Card King Of Spades🂮U+1F0AEPlaying Card King Of Spades
Playing Card Ace Of Hearts🂱U+1F0B1Playing Card Ace Of Hearts
Playing Card Two Of Hearts🂲U+1F0B2Playing Card Two Of Hearts
Playing Card Three Of Hearts🂳U+1F0B3Playing Card Three Of Hearts
Playing Card Four Of Hearts🂴U+1F0B4Playing Card Four Of Hearts
Playing Card Five Of Hearts🂵U+1F0B5Playing Card Five Of Hearts
Playing Card Six Of Hearts🂶U+1F0B6Playing Card Six Of Hearts
Playing Card Seven Of Hearts🂷U+1F0B7Playing Card Seven Of Hearts
Playing Card Eight Of Hearts🂸U+1F0B8Playing Card Eight Of Hearts
Playing Card Nine Of Hearts🂹U+1F0B9Playing Card Nine Of Hearts
Playing Card Ten Of Hearts🂺U+1F0BAPlaying Card Ten Of Hearts
Playing Card Jack Of Hearts🂻U+1F0BBPlaying Card Jack Of Hearts
Playing Card Knight Of Hearts🂼U+1F0BCPlaying Card Knight Of Hearts
Playing Card Queen Of Hearts🂽U+1F0BDPlaying Card Queen Of Hearts
Playing Card King Of Hearts🂾U+1F0BEPlaying Card King Of Hearts
Playing Card Red Joker🂿U+1F0BFPlaying Card Red Joker
Playing Card Ace Of Diamonds🃁U+1F0C1Playing Card Ace Of Diamonds
Playing Card Two Of Diamonds🃂U+1F0C2Playing Card Two Of Diamonds
Playing Card Three Of Diamonds🃃U+1F0C3Playing Card Three Of Diamonds
Playing Card Four Of Diamonds🃄U+1F0C4Playing Card Four Of Diamonds
Playing Card Five Of Diamonds🃅U+1F0C5Playing Card Five Of Diamonds
Playing Card Six Of Diamonds🃆U+1F0C6Playing Card Six Of Diamonds
Playing Card Seven Of Diamonds🃇U+1F0C7Playing Card Seven Of Diamonds
Playing Card Eight Of Diamonds🃈U+1F0C8Playing Card Eight Of Diamonds
Playing Card Nine Of Diamonds🃉U+1F0C9Playing Card Nine Of Diamonds
Playing Card Ten Of Diamonds🃊U+1F0CAPlaying Card Ten Of Diamonds
Playing Card Jack Of Diamonds🃋U+1F0CBPlaying Card Jack Of Diamonds
Playing Card Knight Of Diamonds🃌U+1F0CCPlaying Card Knight Of Diamonds
Playing Card Queen Of Diamonds🃍U+1F0CDPlaying Card Queen Of Diamonds
Playing Card King Of Diamonds🃎U+1F0CEPlaying Card King Of Diamonds
Playing Card Black Joker🃏U+1F0CFPlaying Card Black Joker
Playing Card Ace Of Clubs🃑U+1F0D1Playing Card Ace Of Clubs
Playing Card Two Of Clubs🃒U+1F0D2Playing Card Two Of Clubs
Playing Card Three Of Clubs🃓U+1F0D3Playing Card Three Of Clubs
Playing Card Four Of Clubs🃔U+1F0D4Playing Card Four Of Clubs
Playing Card Five Of Clubs🃕U+1F0D5Playing Card Five Of Clubs