Pahawh Hmong Unicode Block

Pahawh Hmong is a Unicode block containing characters for writing Hmong languages.

View a range of fonts that support the Pahawh Hmong block.

Below you will find all the characters that are in the Pahawh Hmong unicode block. Currently there are 127 characters in this block.

Image Browser Unicode Name
Pahawh Hmong Vowel Keeb𖬀U+16B00Pahawh Hmong Vowel Keeb
Pahawh Hmong Vowel Keev𖬁U+16B01Pahawh Hmong Vowel Keev
Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kib𖬂U+16B02Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kib
Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kiv𖬃U+16B03Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kiv
Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kaub𖬄U+16B04Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kaub
Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kauv𖬅U+16B05Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kauv
Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kub𖬆U+16B06Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kub
Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kuv𖬇U+16B07Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kuv
Pahawh Hmong Vowel Keb𖬈U+16B08Pahawh Hmong Vowel Keb
Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kev𖬉U+16B09Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kev
Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kaib𖬊U+16B0APahawh Hmong Vowel Kaib
Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kaiv𖬋U+16B0BPahawh Hmong Vowel Kaiv
Pahawh Hmong Vowel Koob𖬌U+16B0CPahawh Hmong Vowel Koob
Pahawh Hmong Vowel Koov𖬍U+16B0DPahawh Hmong Vowel Koov
Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kawb𖬎U+16B0EPahawh Hmong Vowel Kawb
Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kawv𖬏U+16B0FPahawh Hmong Vowel Kawv
Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kuab𖬐U+16B10Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kuab
Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kuav𖬑U+16B11Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kuav
Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kob𖬒U+16B12Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kob
Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kov𖬓U+16B13Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kov
Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kiab𖬔U+16B14Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kiab
Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kiav𖬕U+16B15Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kiav
Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kab𖬖U+16B16Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kab
Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kav𖬗U+16B17Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kav
Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kwb𖬘U+16B18Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kwb
Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kwv𖬙U+16B19Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kwv
Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kaab𖬚U+16B1APahawh Hmong Vowel Kaab
Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kaav𖬛U+16B1BPahawh Hmong Vowel Kaav
Pahawh Hmong Consonant Vau𖬜U+16B1CPahawh Hmong Consonant Vau
Pahawh Hmong Consonant Ntsau𖬝U+16B1DPahawh Hmong Consonant Ntsau
Pahawh Hmong Consonant Lau𖬞U+16B1EPahawh Hmong Consonant Lau
Pahawh Hmong Consonant Hau𖬟U+16B1FPahawh Hmong Consonant Hau
Pahawh Hmong Consonant Nlau𖬠U+16B20Pahawh Hmong Consonant Nlau
Pahawh Hmong Consonant Rau𖬡U+16B21Pahawh Hmong Consonant Rau
Pahawh Hmong Consonant Nkau𖬢U+16B22Pahawh Hmong Consonant Nkau
Pahawh Hmong Consonant Qhau𖬣U+16B23Pahawh Hmong Consonant Qhau
Pahawh Hmong Consonant Yau𖬤U+16B24Pahawh Hmong Consonant Yau
Pahawh Hmong Consonant Hlau𖬥U+16B25Pahawh Hmong Consonant Hlau
Pahawh Hmong Consonant Mau𖬦U+16B26Pahawh Hmong Consonant Mau
Pahawh Hmong Consonant Chau𖬧U+16B27Pahawh Hmong Consonant Chau
Pahawh Hmong Consonant Nchau𖬨U+16B28Pahawh Hmong Consonant Nchau
Pahawh Hmong Consonant Hnau𖬩U+16B29Pahawh Hmong Consonant Hnau
Pahawh Hmong Consonant Plhau𖬪U+16B2APahawh Hmong Consonant Plhau
Pahawh Hmong Consonant Nthau𖬫U+16B2BPahawh Hmong Consonant Nthau
Pahawh Hmong Consonant Nau𖬬U+16B2CPahawh Hmong Consonant Nau
Pahawh Hmong Consonant Au𖬭U+16B2DPahawh Hmong Consonant Au
Pahawh Hmong Consonant Xau𖬮U+16B2EPahawh Hmong Consonant Xau
Pahawh Hmong Consonant Cau𖬯U+16B2FPahawh Hmong Consonant Cau
Pahawh Hmong Mark Cim Tub𖬰U+16B30Pahawh Hmong Mark Cim Tub
Pahawh Hmong Mark Cim So𖬱U+16B31Pahawh Hmong Mark Cim So