Mongolian Unicode Block

Mongolian is a Unicode block containing characters for dialects of Mongolian, Manchu, and Sibe languages. It is traditionally written in vertical lines Text direction Top-Down, right across the page, although the Unicode code charts cite the characters rotated to horizontal orientation as this is the orientation of glyphs in a font that supports layout in vertical orientation.

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Below you will find all the characters that are in the Mongolian unicode block. Currently there are 158 characters in this block.

Image Browser Unicode Name
Mongolian BirgaU+1800Mongolian Birga
Mongolian EllipsisU+1801Mongolian Ellipsis
Mongolian CommaU+1802Mongolian Comma
Mongolian Full StopU+1803Mongolian Full Stop
Mongolian ColonU+1804Mongolian Colon
Mongolian Four DotsU+1805Mongolian Four Dots
Mongolian Todo Soft HyphenU+1806Mongolian Todo Soft Hyphen
Mongolian Sibe Syllable Boundary MarkerU+1807Mongolian Sibe Syllable Boundary Marker
Mongolian Manchu CommaU+1808Mongolian Manchu Comma
Mongolian Manchu Full StopU+1809Mongolian Manchu Full Stop
Mongolian NiruguU+180AMongolian Nirugu
Mongolian Free Variation Selector OneU+180BMongolian Free Variation Selector One
Mongolian Free Variation Selector TwoU+180CMongolian Free Variation Selector Two
Mongolian Free Variation Selector ThreeU+180DMongolian Free Variation Selector Three
Mongolian Vowel SeparatorU+180EMongolian Vowel Separator
Mongolian Free Variation Selector FourU+180FMongolian Free Variation Selector Four
Mongolian Digit ZeroU+1810Mongolian Digit Zero
Mongolian Digit OneU+1811Mongolian Digit One
Mongolian Digit TwoU+1812Mongolian Digit Two
Mongolian Digit ThreeU+1813Mongolian Digit Three
Mongolian Digit FourU+1814Mongolian Digit Four
Mongolian Digit FiveU+1815Mongolian Digit Five
Mongolian Digit SixU+1816Mongolian Digit Six
Mongolian Digit SevenU+1817Mongolian Digit Seven
Mongolian Digit EightU+1818Mongolian Digit Eight
Mongolian Digit NineU+1819Mongolian Digit Nine
Mongolian Letter AU+1820Mongolian Letter A
Mongolian Letter EU+1821Mongolian Letter E
Mongolian Letter IU+1822Mongolian Letter I
Mongolian Letter OU+1823Mongolian Letter O
Mongolian Letter UU+1824Mongolian Letter U
Mongolian Letter OeU+1825Mongolian Letter Oe
Mongolian Letter UeU+1826Mongolian Letter Ue
Mongolian Letter EeU+1827Mongolian Letter Ee
Mongolian Letter NaU+1828Mongolian Letter Na
Mongolian Letter AngU+1829Mongolian Letter Ang
Mongolian Letter BaU+182AMongolian Letter Ba
Mongolian Letter PaU+182BMongolian Letter Pa
Mongolian Letter QaU+182CMongolian Letter Qa
Mongolian Letter GaU+182DMongolian Letter Ga
Mongolian Letter MaU+182EMongolian Letter Ma
Mongolian Letter LaU+182FMongolian Letter La
Mongolian Letter SaU+1830Mongolian Letter Sa
Mongolian Letter ShaU+1831Mongolian Letter Sha
Mongolian Letter TaU+1832Mongolian Letter Ta
Mongolian Letter DaU+1833Mongolian Letter Da
Mongolian Letter ChaU+1834Mongolian Letter Cha
Mongolian Letter JaU+1835Mongolian Letter Ja
Mongolian Letter YaU+1836Mongolian Letter Ya
Mongolian Letter RaU+1837Mongolian Letter Ra