CJK Symbols And Punctuation Unicode Block

CJK Symbols and Punctuation is a Unicode block containing symbols and punctuation in the unified Chinese, Japanese and Korean script.

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Below you will find all the characters that are in the CJK Symbols And Punctuation unicode block. Currently there are 64 characters in this block.

Image Browser Unicode Name
Ideographic Space U+3000Ideographic Space
Ideographic CommaU+3001Ideographic Comma
Ideographic Full StopU+3002Ideographic Full Stop
Ditto MarkU+3003Ditto Mark
Japanese Industrial Standard SymbolU+3004Japanese Industrial Standard Symbol
Ideographic Iteration MarkU+3005Ideographic Iteration Mark
Ideographic Closing MarkU+3006Ideographic Closing Mark
Ideographic Number ZeroU+3007Ideographic Number Zero
Left Angle BracketU+3008Left Angle Bracket
Right Angle BracketU+3009Right Angle Bracket
Left Double Angle BracketU+300ALeft Double Angle Bracket
Right Double Angle BracketU+300BRight Double Angle Bracket
Left Corner BracketU+300CLeft Corner Bracket
Right Corner BracketU+300DRight Corner Bracket
Left White Corner BracketU+300ELeft White Corner Bracket
Right White Corner BracketU+300FRight White Corner Bracket
Left Black Lenticular BracketU+3010Left Black Lenticular Bracket
Right Black Lenticular BracketU+3011Right Black Lenticular Bracket
Postal MarkU+3012Postal Mark
Geta MarkU+3013Geta Mark
Left Tortoise Shell BracketU+3014Left Tortoise Shell Bracket
Right Tortoise Shell BracketU+3015Right Tortoise Shell Bracket
Left White Lenticular BracketU+3016Left White Lenticular Bracket
Right White Lenticular BracketU+3017Right White Lenticular Bracket
Left White Tortoise Shell BracketU+3018Left White Tortoise Shell Bracket
Right White Tortoise Shell BracketU+3019Right White Tortoise Shell Bracket
Left White Square BracketU+301ALeft White Square Bracket
Right White Square BracketU+301BRight White Square Bracket
Wave DashU+301CWave Dash
Reversed Double Prime Quotation MarkU+301DReversed Double Prime Quotation Mark
Double Prime Quotation MarkU+301EDouble Prime Quotation Mark
Low Double Prime Quotation MarkU+301FLow Double Prime Quotation Mark
Postal Mark FaceU+3020Postal Mark Face
Hangzhou Numeral OneU+3021Hangzhou Numeral One
Hangzhou Numeral TwoU+3022Hangzhou Numeral Two
Hangzhou Numeral ThreeU+3023Hangzhou Numeral Three
Hangzhou Numeral FourU+3024Hangzhou Numeral Four
Hangzhou Numeral FiveU+3025Hangzhou Numeral Five
Hangzhou Numeral SixU+3026Hangzhou Numeral Six
Hangzhou Numeral SevenU+3027Hangzhou Numeral Seven
Hangzhou Numeral EightU+3028Hangzhou Numeral Eight
Hangzhou Numeral NineU+3029Hangzhou Numeral Nine
Ideographic Level Tone MarkU+302AIdeographic Level Tone Mark
Ideographic Rising Tone MarkU+302BIdeographic Rising Tone Mark
Ideographic Departing Tone MarkU+302CIdeographic Departing Tone Mark
Ideographic Entering Tone MarkU+302DIdeographic Entering Tone Mark
Hangul Single Dot Tone MarkU+302EHangul Single Dot Tone Mark
Hangul Double Dot Tone MarkU+302FHangul Double Dot Tone Mark
Wavy DashU+3030Wavy Dash
Vertical Kana Repeat MarkU+3031Vertical Kana Repeat Mark