Aegean Numbers Unicode Block

The Aegean Numbers block is a compilation of characters in the Unicode standard. Spanning from U+10100 to U+1013F, this block consists of 57 characters that were used in the Bronze Age by different Aegean cultures. These numbers were linked to the ancient Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations, conveying numerical information. The Unicode Aegean Numbers block was officially recognized and incorporated into the Unicode Standard, version 4.0, in 2003.

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Below you will find all the characters that are in the Aegean Numbers unicode block. Currently there are 57 characters in this block.

Image Browser Unicode Name
Aegean Word Separator Line𐄀U+10100Aegean Word Separator Line
Aegean Word Separator Dot𐄁U+10101Aegean Word Separator Dot
Aegean Check Mark𐄂U+10102Aegean Check Mark
Aegean Number One𐄇U+10107Aegean Number One
Aegean Number Two𐄈U+10108Aegean Number Two
Aegean Number Three𐄉U+10109Aegean Number Three
Aegean Number Four𐄊U+1010AAegean Number Four
Aegean Number Five𐄋U+1010BAegean Number Five
Aegean Number Six𐄌U+1010CAegean Number Six
Aegean Number Seven𐄍U+1010DAegean Number Seven
Aegean Number Eight𐄎U+1010EAegean Number Eight
Aegean Number Nine𐄏U+1010FAegean Number Nine
Aegean Number Ten𐄐U+10110Aegean Number Ten
Aegean Number Twenty𐄑U+10111Aegean Number Twenty
Aegean Number Thirty𐄒U+10112Aegean Number Thirty
Aegean Number Forty𐄓U+10113Aegean Number Forty
Aegean Number Fifty𐄔U+10114Aegean Number Fifty
Aegean Number Sixty𐄕U+10115Aegean Number Sixty
Aegean Number Seventy𐄖U+10116Aegean Number Seventy
Aegean Number Eighty𐄗U+10117Aegean Number Eighty
Aegean Number Ninety𐄘U+10118Aegean Number Ninety
Aegean Number One Hundred𐄙U+10119Aegean Number One Hundred
Aegean Number Two Hundred𐄚U+1011AAegean Number Two Hundred
Aegean Number Three Hundred𐄛U+1011BAegean Number Three Hundred
Aegean Number Four Hundred𐄜U+1011CAegean Number Four Hundred
Aegean Number Five Hundred𐄝U+1011DAegean Number Five Hundred
Aegean Number Six Hundred𐄞U+1011EAegean Number Six Hundred
Aegean Number Seven Hundred𐄟U+1011FAegean Number Seven Hundred
Aegean Number Eight Hundred𐄠U+10120Aegean Number Eight Hundred
Aegean Number Nine Hundred𐄡U+10121Aegean Number Nine Hundred
Aegean Number One Thousand𐄢U+10122Aegean Number One Thousand
Aegean Number Two Thousand𐄣U+10123Aegean Number Two Thousand
Aegean Number Three Thousand𐄤U+10124Aegean Number Three Thousand
Aegean Number Four Thousand𐄥U+10125Aegean Number Four Thousand
Aegean Number Five Thousand𐄦U+10126Aegean Number Five Thousand
Aegean Number Six Thousand𐄧U+10127Aegean Number Six Thousand
Aegean Number Seven Thousand𐄨U+10128Aegean Number Seven Thousand
Aegean Number Eight Thousand𐄩U+10129Aegean Number Eight Thousand
Aegean Number Nine Thousand𐄪U+1012AAegean Number Nine Thousand
Aegean Number Ten Thousand𐄫U+1012BAegean Number Ten Thousand
Aegean Number Twenty Thousand𐄬U+1012CAegean Number Twenty Thousand
Aegean Number Thirty Thousand𐄭U+1012DAegean Number Thirty Thousand
Aegean Number Forty Thousand𐄮U+1012EAegean Number Forty Thousand
Aegean Number Fifty Thousand𐄯U+1012FAegean Number Fifty Thousand
Aegean Number Sixty Thousand𐄰U+10130Aegean Number Sixty Thousand
Aegean Number Seventy Thousand𐄱U+10131Aegean Number Seventy Thousand
Aegean Number Eighty Thousand𐄲U+10132Aegean Number Eighty Thousand
Aegean Number Ninety Thousand𐄳U+10133Aegean Number Ninety Thousand
Aegean Weight Base Unit𐄷U+10137Aegean Weight Base Unit
Aegean Weight First Subunit𐄸U+10138Aegean Weight First Subunit