Sundanese Unicode Script

The Sundanese people use the standard Sundanese script as their writing method. The Old Sundanese script (Aksara Sunda Kuno), which the old Sundanese used between the 14th and 18th centuries, served as the foundation for its construction. The Sundanese alphabet is currently another name for the standard Sundanese script.

Below you will find all the characters that are in the 'Sundanese' unicode script category. Currently there are 72 characters in this category.

Image Browser Unicode Name
Sundanese Sign PanyecekU+1B80Sundanese Sign Panyecek
Sundanese Sign PanglayarU+1B81Sundanese Sign Panglayar
Sundanese Sign PangwisadU+1B82Sundanese Sign Pangwisad
Sundanese Letter AU+1B83Sundanese Letter A
Sundanese Letter IU+1B84Sundanese Letter I
Sundanese Letter UU+1B85Sundanese Letter U
Sundanese Letter AeU+1B86Sundanese Letter Ae
Sundanese Letter OU+1B87Sundanese Letter O
Sundanese Letter EU+1B88Sundanese Letter E
Sundanese Letter EuU+1B89Sundanese Letter Eu
Sundanese Letter KaU+1B8ASundanese Letter Ka
Sundanese Letter QaU+1B8BSundanese Letter Qa
Sundanese Letter GaU+1B8CSundanese Letter Ga
Sundanese Letter NgaU+1B8DSundanese Letter Nga
Sundanese Letter CaU+1B8ESundanese Letter Ca
Sundanese Letter JaU+1B8FSundanese Letter Ja
Sundanese Letter ZaU+1B90Sundanese Letter Za
Sundanese Letter NyaU+1B91Sundanese Letter Nya
Sundanese Letter TaU+1B92Sundanese Letter Ta
Sundanese Letter DaU+1B93Sundanese Letter Da
Sundanese Letter NaU+1B94Sundanese Letter Na
Sundanese Letter PaU+1B95Sundanese Letter Pa
Sundanese Letter FaU+1B96Sundanese Letter Fa
Sundanese Letter VaU+1B97Sundanese Letter Va
Sundanese Letter BaU+1B98Sundanese Letter Ba
Sundanese Letter MaU+1B99Sundanese Letter Ma
Sundanese Letter YaU+1B9ASundanese Letter Ya
Sundanese Letter RaU+1B9BSundanese Letter Ra
Sundanese Letter LaU+1B9CSundanese Letter La
Sundanese Letter WaU+1B9DSundanese Letter Wa
Sundanese Letter SaU+1B9ESundanese Letter Sa
Sundanese Letter XaU+1B9FSundanese Letter Xa
Sundanese Letter HaU+1BA0Sundanese Letter Ha
Sundanese Consonant Sign PamingkalU+1BA1Sundanese Consonant Sign Pamingkal
Sundanese Consonant Sign PanyakraU+1BA2Sundanese Consonant Sign Panyakra
Sundanese Consonant Sign PanyikuU+1BA3Sundanese Consonant Sign Panyiku
Sundanese Vowel Sign PanghuluU+1BA4Sundanese Vowel Sign Panghulu
Sundanese Vowel Sign PanyukuU+1BA5Sundanese Vowel Sign Panyuku
Sundanese Vowel Sign PanaelaengU+1BA6Sundanese Vowel Sign Panaelaeng
Sundanese Vowel Sign PanolongU+1BA7Sundanese Vowel Sign Panolong
Sundanese Vowel Sign PamepetU+1BA8Sundanese Vowel Sign Pamepet
Sundanese Vowel Sign PaneuleungU+1BA9Sundanese Vowel Sign Paneuleung
Sundanese Sign PamaaehU+1BAASundanese Sign Pamaaeh
Sundanese Sign ViramaU+1BABSundanese Sign Virama
Sundanese Consonant Sign Pasangan MaU+1BACSundanese Consonant Sign Pasangan Ma
Sundanese Consonant Sign Pasangan WaU+1BADSundanese Consonant Sign Pasangan Wa
Sundanese Letter KhaU+1BAESundanese Letter Kha
Sundanese Letter SyaU+1BAFSundanese Letter Sya
Sundanese Digit ZeroU+1BB0Sundanese Digit Zero
Sundanese Digit OneU+1BB1Sundanese Digit One