Lydian Unicode Script

The Lydian language was written using the Lydian alphabet. The Lydian alphabet is founded on the Phoenician alphabet, just like other scripts used in Anatolia during the Iron Age. Despite having distinctive characteristics, it is linked to the East Greek alphabet. Roberto Gusmani created the first contemporary codification of the Lydian alphabet in 1964 using a lexicon, grammar, and text collection. Either left to right or right to left writing styles were used for early Lydian writings. All subsequent lines are left to right. One manuscript has survived in a bidirectional boustrophedon format. Except in one text, where dots are used instead of spaces to divide words. A quotation character in the form of a right triangle distinguishes Lydian.

Below you will find all the characters that are in the 'Lydian' unicode script category. Currently there are 27 characters in this category.