Lisu Unicode Script

The missionary James O. Fraser improved Sara Ba Thaw's artificial abugida, known as the Fraser or Old Lisu script, which was created around 1915 by the Karen preacher from Myanmar to record the Lisu language. It uses a unicameral (all lowercase) script. The 1932 Naxi Gospel of Mark is an example of its use. It was also used in the Zaiwa or Atsi language, as seen in the 1938 Atsi Gospel of Mark. Consonants and vowels are written using uppercase Latin characters (except for the letter Q) and rotated versions of those letters (except for the letters M, Q, and W). Roman punctuation marks, like those used on a typewriter, are used to record tones and nasalization.

Below you will find all the characters that are in the 'Lisu' unicode script category. Currently there are 49 characters in this category.