Kharoshthi Unicode Script

In the north-western parts of the Indian subcontinent, specifically in and around what is now northern Pakistan and eastern Afghanistan, different Aryan peoples used the ancient Indo-Iranian script known as the Kharosthi. Additionally, Central Asia employed it. It was invented as an abugida at least by the middle of the third century BCE, probably in the fourth, and it was used until it was extinct in its native land around the third century CE. Along the Silk Road, in Sogdia, the Kushan Empire, and Bactria, it was also in use. There is some indication that it may have persisted in the East Turkestan cities of Khotan and Niya up until the 7th century.

Below you will find all the characters that are in the 'Kharoshthi' unicode script category. Currently there are 68 characters in this category.

Image Browser Unicode Name
Kharoshthi Letter A𐨀U+10A00Kharoshthi Letter A
Kharoshthi Vowel Sign I𐨁U+10A01Kharoshthi Vowel Sign I
Kharoshthi Vowel Sign U𐨂U+10A02Kharoshthi Vowel Sign U
Kharoshthi Vowel Sign Vocalic R𐨃U+10A03Kharoshthi Vowel Sign Vocalic R
Kharoshthi Vowel Sign E𐨅U+10A05Kharoshthi Vowel Sign E
Kharoshthi Vowel Sign O𐨆U+10A06Kharoshthi Vowel Sign O
Kharoshthi Vowel Length Mark𐨌U+10A0CKharoshthi Vowel Length Mark
Kharoshthi Sign Double Ring Below𐨍U+10A0DKharoshthi Sign Double Ring Below
Kharoshthi Sign Anusvara𐨎U+10A0EKharoshthi Sign Anusvara
Kharoshthi Sign Visarga𐨏U+10A0FKharoshthi Sign Visarga
Kharoshthi Letter Ka𐨐U+10A10Kharoshthi Letter Ka
Kharoshthi Letter Kha𐨑U+10A11Kharoshthi Letter Kha
Kharoshthi Letter Ga𐨒U+10A12Kharoshthi Letter Ga
Kharoshthi Letter Gha𐨓U+10A13Kharoshthi Letter Gha
Kharoshthi Letter Ca𐨕U+10A15Kharoshthi Letter Ca
Kharoshthi Letter Cha𐨖U+10A16Kharoshthi Letter Cha
Kharoshthi Letter Ja𐨗U+10A17Kharoshthi Letter Ja
Kharoshthi Letter Nya𐨙U+10A19Kharoshthi Letter Nya
Kharoshthi Letter Tta𐨚U+10A1AKharoshthi Letter Tta
Kharoshthi Letter Ttha𐨛U+10A1BKharoshthi Letter Ttha
Kharoshthi Letter Dda𐨜U+10A1CKharoshthi Letter Dda
Kharoshthi Letter Ddha𐨝U+10A1DKharoshthi Letter Ddha
Kharoshthi Letter Nna𐨞U+10A1EKharoshthi Letter Nna
Kharoshthi Letter Ta𐨟U+10A1FKharoshthi Letter Ta
Kharoshthi Letter Tha𐨠U+10A20Kharoshthi Letter Tha
Kharoshthi Letter Da𐨡U+10A21Kharoshthi Letter Da
Kharoshthi Letter Dha𐨢U+10A22Kharoshthi Letter Dha
Kharoshthi Letter Na𐨣U+10A23Kharoshthi Letter Na
Kharoshthi Letter Pa𐨤U+10A24Kharoshthi Letter Pa
Kharoshthi Letter Pha𐨥U+10A25Kharoshthi Letter Pha
Kharoshthi Letter Ba𐨦U+10A26Kharoshthi Letter Ba
Kharoshthi Letter Bha𐨧U+10A27Kharoshthi Letter Bha
Kharoshthi Letter Ma𐨨U+10A28Kharoshthi Letter Ma
Kharoshthi Letter Ya𐨩U+10A29Kharoshthi Letter Ya
Kharoshthi Letter Ra𐨪U+10A2AKharoshthi Letter Ra
Kharoshthi Letter La𐨫U+10A2BKharoshthi Letter La
Kharoshthi Letter Va𐨬U+10A2CKharoshthi Letter Va
Kharoshthi Letter Sha𐨭U+10A2DKharoshthi Letter Sha
Kharoshthi Letter Ssa𐨮U+10A2EKharoshthi Letter Ssa
Kharoshthi Letter Sa𐨯U+10A2FKharoshthi Letter Sa
Kharoshthi Letter Za𐨰U+10A30Kharoshthi Letter Za
Kharoshthi Letter Ha𐨱U+10A31Kharoshthi Letter Ha
Kharoshthi Letter Kka𐨲U+10A32Kharoshthi Letter Kka
Kharoshthi Letter Tttha𐨳U+10A33Kharoshthi Letter Tttha
Kharoshthi Letter Ttta𐨴U+10A34Kharoshthi Letter Ttta
Kharoshthi Letter Vha𐨵U+10A35Kharoshthi Letter Vha
Kharoshthi Sign Bar Above𐨸U+10A38Kharoshthi Sign Bar Above
Kharoshthi Sign Cauda𐨹U+10A39Kharoshthi Sign Cauda
Kharoshthi Sign Dot Below𐨺U+10A3AKharoshthi Sign Dot Below
Kharoshthi Virama𐨿U+10A3FKharoshthi Virama