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👎 Thumbs Down
The well-known hand gesture that has been around for ages is the thumbs-down emoji. It resembles a hand's thumb pointing downward and has the opposite connotation from the Thumbs Up emoji, which it is a reverse of. The gesture itself is a universally understood expression of disfavor, dislike, or disagreement. Additionally, the emoji always conveys the exact same message. For instance, it might indicate that someone didn't like anything they saw or heard. It can be used in place of declining a disagreeable offer, etc.
👎🏻 Thumbs Down: Light Skin Tone
Thumbs Down with light skin tone
👎🏼 Thumbs Down: Medium-Light Skin Tone
Thumbs Down with medium-light skin tone
👎🏽 Thumbs Down: Medium Skin Tone
Thumbs Down with medium skin tone
👎🏾 Thumbs Down: Medium-Dark Skin Tone
Thumbs Down with medium-dark skin tone
👎🏿 Thumbs Down: Dark Skin Tone
Thumbs Down with dark skin tone