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‚úč Raised Hand
The digits on the Raised Hand emoji are closer together than they are on the Hand With Fingers Splayed emoji. It is frequently used by students in schools to signal that they have something essential to say or ask. It can be used as a greeting or as part of one. It may, however, also be taken in a sarcastic sense. Additionally, rage can be conveyed by using the Raised Hand emoji. The Raised Hand emoji can help you express your rage when you're ready to slap someone. Additionally, it is frequently used as a request and with the sense of stop.
✋🏻 Raised Hand: Light Skin Tone
Raised Hand with light skin tone
✋🏼 Raised Hand: Medium-Light Skin Tone
Raised Hand with medium-light skin tone
✋🏽 Raised Hand: Medium Skin Tone
Raised Hand with medium skin tone
✋🏾 Raised Hand: Medium-Dark Skin Tone
Raised Hand with medium-dark skin tone
✋🏿 Raised Hand: Dark Skin Tone
Raised Hand with dark skin tone