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🫃 Pregnant Man
In 2021, Unicode added the "Pregnant Man" symbol to its collection. It shows a picture of a man covering his big, round belly with his palms. The emoji has two more usage options, "Pregnant Person" and "Pregnant Woman", as well as five extra skin tones. The "Pregnant man" emoji can signify a transgender man's pregnancy as well as "nurturing" a concept, having a swollen belly, or overeating. It is occasionally used in reference to a man's "Beer belly" or bumpy midsection. To reveal pregnancy, use the "Pregnant Man" symbol. Whether it's yours or a family members. The "Family", "Baby", and "Baby Bottle" emoticons can improve communication.
🫃🏻 Pregnant Man: Light Skin Tone
Pregnant Man with light skin tone
🫃🏼 Pregnant Man: Medium-Light Skin Tone
Pregnant Man with medium-light skin tone
🫃🏽 Pregnant Man: Medium Skin Tone
Pregnant Man with medium skin tone
🫃🏾 Pregnant Man: Medium-Dark Skin Tone
Pregnant Man with medium-dark skin tone
🫃🏿 Pregnant Man: Dark Skin Tone
Pregnant Man with dark skin tone