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🤏 Pinching Hand
The emoji for a pinching hand is gripping its thumb and pointer fingers together. This emoji can now be used to indicate that you only want a tiny quantity of something. However, it's most probable that this emoji will be used to indicate a man's genitalia's size. Being small shouldn't be a source of humiliation because everyone is special in their own way. If you see someone sending this emoticon along with the Eggplant emoji while discussing your eggplant, try not to let it bother you. Instead, disregard that text and send the French Fries and Pinching Hand emojis to indicate that you are only mildly hungry but could still consume.
🤏🏻 Pinching Hand: Light Skin Tone
Pinching Hand with light skin tone
🤏🏼 Pinching Hand: Medium-Light Skin Tone
Pinching Hand with medium-light skin tone
🤏🏽 Pinching Hand: Medium Skin Tone
Pinching Hand with medium skin tone
🤏🏾 Pinching Hand: Medium-Dark Skin Tone
Pinching Hand with medium-dark skin tone
🤏🏿 Pinching Hand: Dark Skin Tone
Pinching Hand with dark skin tone