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🥸 Disguised Face
Disguised Face is a yellow emoji sporting an amusing big nose and eyebrow eyeglasses. These absurd eyeglasses are intended to symbolise someone trying to conceal their identity or their motives. They can also be used to symbolise concealing something from view. To indicate that you are hiding from someone, send this emoji along with the newspaper image. If you want your friend to remain quiet about something, send them a message with the Shushing Face emoji.
😤 Face With Steam From Nose
A yellow face with closed eyes, furrowed brows and downturned lips is depicted in the face with steam coming from nose emoji. The two puffs of steam emanating from its nose are what give it away as a face. This emoji is used to express extreme annoyance or rage. It may also bring up emotions of hostility or disapproval. Some individuals also use this emoji to showcase their determination. Other times, they convey this to show their arrogance, obstinacy, or defiance toward a particular subject or notion.
👃 Nose
The Nose emoji depicts the nose, which is the central feature of any human face. It has all connotations associated with nostrils in general and with the act of smelling something. For instance, in the first instance, it might be mentioned as part of a gripe about a runny nose or about how the user feels insecure because they believe their nose is ugly. A different emoji that expresses the exact attitude, such as the Nauseated Face emoji to express disgust, may be used after the second instance, which could indicate that the user scents something they love or detest.
👃🏻 Nose: Light Skin Tone
Nose with light skin tone
👃🏼 Nose: Medium-Light Skin Tone
Nose with medium-light skin tone
👃🏽 Nose: Medium Skin Tone
Nose with medium skin tone
👃🏾 Nose: Medium-Dark Skin Tone
Nose with medium-dark skin tone
👃🏿 Nose: Dark Skin Tone
Nose with dark skin tone
🐽 Pig Nose
The cartoon-like representation of a round pig snout that makes up the Pig Nose emoji is basically the same as that on the Pig Face emoji. It can be a friendly insult or a self-insult to draw attention to the fact that someone is a little disgusting, filthy, or untidy. The contexts in which it is used are not all that different from those in which its "full" form is used. Additionally, it might mean that someone is requesting a secret.