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😇 Smiling Face With Halo
The Smiling Face With Halo emoji is a happy-looking smiley with an angel's halo above its head (and even with an angel's wings in the case of Samsung's variant). When discussing something badass that the user wanted to do but ultimately decided against doing, or when referring to their good deeds, it is most frequently used to indicate that the user is completely innocent and righteous. As a sign that the user has no regrets about their actions, it may also occur in sarcastic messages in the exact opposite context, in messages about some not-very-good actions or behavior.
😈 Smiling Face With Horns
The smiling face with horns (happily devil) emoji features devil horns and is typically purple in color. It is used as a representation of someone's strength, coolness, badass behavior, crimes, or wish to commit a terrible act. Additionally, it is frequently an indication of someone who is joyful about their enemy failing. Additionally, it can be a manifestation of someone's malice or simply a desire to be linked with evil. (often jokingly, of course).
👿 Angry Face With Horns
An angry-looking purple emoji with two horns protrudes from its head in the Angry Face with Horns emoji. The beaming Face with Horns emoji is this emoji's beaming malevolent twin. Because it shows a devil of some type, this horrifying emoji is a member of the monster emoji family. The Goblin, Japanese Ogre, and Ghost emoticons are among the additional emojis. These emojis might be used a lot around Halloween or at other scary occasions. Regarding this emoji's design, various platforms have different opinions. Some platforms display clenching of teeth to highlight anger even further. The emoji on some apps are red, but they all share the same angry expression.
👹 Ogre
An oni, a traditional Japanese ogre, is shown in this emoji. Wide eyes, two horns, a big nose, pointed fangs, and a shaggy mane of hair are all features of its red face. Depending on the platform, its horns could be red or yellow. Feel free to include this oni emoji when describing someone as monstrous, whether literally or figuratively. For instance, you might know someone who sings monstrously. Perhaps they were able to move a large object or hoist it by themselves, without any help at all. If that's the case, add this emoji to honour their strength. Avoid making serious remarks with the ogre emoji, though!
👺 Goblin
The frightening Japanese Goblin known as Tengu is depicted in this emoji. It has a long, crimson visage, intimidating eyes, an angry scowl, and a downward-curving, toothy mouth. Ancient Japanese mythology describes supernatural beings called tengu that are half-human, half-bird. They have the ability to fly, are expert shape-shifters, and can also make humans temporarily immobile. The Japanese Goblin emoji, Red Devil emoji, and Japanese Mask emoji are some of the other names for the Goblin character. The primary motivation behind the last name is that people frequently use it as a spooky Halloween disguise.
👻 Ghost
A white-sheeted figure sticking out its mouth is depicted in the Ghost emoji. Its eyes are round, black spots with a teardrop or bubble shape, and it has a smile on its face. The Ghost emoji frequently appears with content that is spooky or supernatural, particularly around Halloween. Feel free to use this emoji when discussing weird, eerie, or frightening things. When alluding to your "boo" or another person's "boo", use this boo emoji as well. The word "boo" is used to refer to one's significant other. The majority of people refer to their partners as "boo", particularly on social media.
👽 Alien
The extraterrestrial head in this emoji is oval-shaped, gray or green, bald, and has big, black eyes and a slight smile. This alien face is one that is frequently depicted in well-known sci-fi films, cartoons, and comic books. The implications and situations in which the Alien emoji is used are numerous. Generally speaking, it represents extraterrestrial life and everything associated with it, including UFOs and alien abductions. Using the Alien symbol to express being on the outside looking in or having trouble understanding something is also a good idea. Send this emoji to let someone know how you're feeling if you're feeling excluded, alienated, or lonely.
👸 Princess
A young lady with long, straight hair, typically in a blonde or brown shade, and a crown on her head is shown in the princess emoji. It is intended to symbolise a princess or a young lady who is regarded as being noble or of high status. The princess emoji can be used to depict a fictional or real-life princess or to indicate someone's status. It can be used to inject a little whimsy or fantasy into a discussion and is frequently used in a playful or exaggerated manner.
👸🏻 Princess: Light Skin Tone
Princess with light skin tone
👸🏼 Princess: Medium-Light Skin Tone
Princess with medium-light skin tone
👸🏽 Princess: Medium Skin Tone
Princess with medium skin tone
👸🏾 Princess: Medium-Dark Skin Tone
Princess with medium-dark skin tone
👸🏿 Princess: Dark Skin Tone
Princess with dark skin tone
👼 Baby Angel
The Baby Angel emoji has wings behind its back and a halo above its head, giving it the appearance of a toddler or a baby visage. There are various interpretations of this visage. The first one is associated with Christmas; in fact, a baby angel is one of its emblems. Additionally, it can be used to convey messages about people's love for their tiny, adorable children in the setting of parenthood. In this respect, it could also represent an unborn child that is just about to give birth. Finally, it might represent youth, purity, cuteness, and other similar qualities. It can also signify a stillbirth in which the child has died and turned into an angel.
👼🏻 Baby Angel: Light Skin Tone
Baby Angel with light skin tone
👼🏼 Baby Angel: Medium-Light Skin Tone
Baby Angel with medium-light skin tone
👼🏽 Baby Angel: Medium Skin Tone
Baby Angel with medium skin tone
👼🏾 Baby Angel: Medium-Dark Skin Tone
Baby Angel with medium-dark skin tone
👼🏿 Baby Angel: Dark Skin Tone
Baby Angel with dark skin tone
🧌 Troll
This troll emoji is a larger-than-life representation of the well-known trolls. This troll is completely covered in a brown and green costume and is coloured green. He is even more dreadful because of the enormous wooden bat he is carrying. One of the many emojis that depict mythical animals is this one. So, to mention a few, you can use this emoji along with the elf, mermaid, and genie emojis. The troll can represent Halloween alongside the ghost, zombie, and jack-o-lantern emojis because they are also deemed monsters. In the fantasy world, trolls are also thought to coexist with other mythical animals in the depths of the forests.
🐦‍🔥 Phoenix
The Phoenix emoji depicts a mythical bird known for its ability to rise from its own ashes, symbolizing rebirth and renewal. It features a colorful bird with outstretched wings, typically depicted in vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow, representing the flames associated with its legendary rebirth. This emoji is often used to convey themes of resilience, transformation, and starting anew in various contexts, including personal growth, overcoming challenges, and positive change.
🔮 Crystal Ball
The Crystal Ball emoji depicts a sparkling crystal ball. In order to answer your queries, fortune tellers use their trusty Crystal Ball to look into the future. They are enigmatic yet exquisite glass or crystal spheres. Whether you believe in magic or not will determine whether you accept what the Crystal Ball states. Use this emoji, which symbolizes magic, along with the Mage emoji to convey your enthusiasm for magic and joy of conversation about it. You can share this emoji along with the Sparkles emoji even if you don't think magic exists to express your optimism for someone's future, whether it involves something you've caused or something you already know will occur.