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🥳 Partying Face
The Partying Face emoji features a face covered in confetti, a party blower, and a party hat. Parties are great because they allow people to rejoice and have a good time. But be careful not to overdo it or your party might quickly become a ride in the back of a police vehicle. Almost anything can be celebrated, from a birthday celebration to a job promotion. Party about it if you want to! Sending a Party Popper emoji along with this one will convey your enthusiasm and desire to party hard. Send this emoji along with a Clinking Beer Mugs emoji to indicate that you plan to go out and have a good time at a pub.
🙌 Raising Hands
The symbol for the raising hands emoji shows two hands raised with the palms pointing upward. It is frequently used to signify joy, festivity, or support. Additionally, it can be used to denote supplication or prayer. The two simplified, stylised hands that make up the raised hands emoji usually have their fingers extended and their palms pointing upward. The emoji is typically shown with a yellow or flesh tone background.
🙌🏻 Raising Hands: Light Skin Tone
Raising Hands with light skin tone
🙌🏼 Raising Hands: Medium-Light Skin Tone
Raising Hands with medium-light skin tone
🙌🏽 Raising Hands: Medium Skin Tone
Raising Hands with medium skin tone
🙌🏾 Raising Hands: Medium-Dark Skin Tone
Raising Hands with medium-dark skin tone
🙌🏿 Raising Hands: Dark Skin Tone
Raising Hands with dark skin tone
🎅 Santa Claus
The Santa Claus emoji features a fat, cheery old guy with a white beard who is dressed in a red suit with white fur trim and a black belt. He frequently appears wearing a red Santa hat, and occasionally he is joined by a bag of gifts. The Santa Claus emoji is frequently used to denote the Christmas season and the giving attitude.
🎅🏻 Santa Claus: Light Skin Tone
Santa Claus with light skin tone
🎅🏼 Santa Claus: Medium-Light Skin Tone
Santa Claus with medium-light skin tone
🎅🏽 Santa Claus: Medium Skin Tone
Santa Claus with medium skin tone
🎅🏾 Santa Claus: Medium-Dark Skin Tone
Santa Claus with medium-dark skin tone
🎅🏿 Santa Claus: Dark Skin Tone
Santa Claus with dark skin tone
🤶 Mrs. Claus
Everybody knows the Mrs. Claus emoji, which depicts the wife of Santa Claus during the holiday season. Despite the fact that she is not as well known as her miraculous spouse, many kids still adore her. With her red bonnet, glasses, and friendly demeanor, she gives off the appearance of an elderly lady. She frequently appears in all settings relating to Christmas and New Year as one of the symbols of these winter holidays, much like Santa Claus himself. The emoji may also be associated with families, compassion, celebrations, and miracles.
🤶🏻 Mrs. Claus: Light Skin Tone
Mrs. Claus with light skin tone
🤶🏼 Mrs. Claus: Medium-Light Skin Tone
Mrs. Claus with medium-light skin tone
🤶🏽 Mrs. Claus: Medium Skin Tone
Mrs. Claus with medium skin tone
🤶🏾 Mrs. Claus: Medium-Dark Skin Tone
Mrs. Claus with medium-dark skin tone
🤶🏿 Mrs. Claus: Dark Skin Tone
Mrs. Claus with dark skin tone
🎂 Birthday Cake
The Birthday Cake emoji depicts a large cake with candles on it that is either white, pink, or brown and decorated differently depending on the variation. (from one to five). This emoji is used to tell everyone about the party or to congratulate someone on their birthday. It is a well-known representation of the person's birthday. It is rarely used for any other, non-birthday-related connotations because of the distinctive candles.
🎃 Jack-o-lantern
This Jack-O-Lantern emoji shows a pumpkin that is orange and has a face carved into it. It has rounded eyes and a mouth decorated with carved teeth. There is a thin, dense stem of greenery on top. These carvings are occasionally displayed with a light inside that illuminates the whole veggie. Use this pumpkin emoji when talking about Halloween or something frightening. Add it to your post's or its reposted comments, reels, stories, statuses, etc. Nobody will argue that a glowing Jack-o-lantern perched in a window or on a porch, creating a delightfully macabre mood, is a timeless Halloween picture. You can use this timeless Halloween emoji year after year without risking looking out of current.
🎄 Christmas Tree
The evergreen tree in this emoji is adorned with various colored balls, and a bright golden star is perched atop it. This image frequently appears in talks about Christmas, the holidays, family get-togethers, Santa Claus, gifts, and happiness. This is because the Christmas Tree emoji represents the emotions of joy, happiness, and family—all of which are typically connected to the holiday season! This sign is typically used to convey its literal meaning. In reality, this is possibly one of the most obvious Christmas emojis—just by sending one tree, you can tell that the sender is wishing the recipient "Merry Christmas"!
🎆 Fireworks
The emoji for celebration or success features a display of fireworks in the background. This emoji can also be used to convey joy and congrats. The situation with "I'm delighted for you! Congratulations!". Happy New Year wishes, birthday wishes, and wishes for any other festival or holiday can all be replaced with the fireworks emoji.
🎇 Sparkler
The sparkler emoji is a fantastic option when you want to wish someone a happy birthday or when you want to mark a festive yearly event like Christmas or New Years. Sparklers are a fantastic option for pictures because they are safe, portable fireworks that can be waved through the air.
🎈 Balloon
The balloon emoji depicts a balloon on a rope, which is not only one of the most beloved objects among kids but also a key component of many celebrations, including birthdays, proms, the New Year, and other events. So no surprise that the emoji itself is used mostly in the meaning of fun and relating to various holidays and celebrations. It is occasionally used as a representation of an infantile attitude.
🎉 Party Popper
The party popper emoji depicts a party popper that has been set off, with bright streamers and confetti fragments bursting from its opening. The ribbons are frequently pink and blue, and the party popper itself is typically yellow. The party popper is dark pink on some sites, like Twitter. This emoji is frequently used to convey joy or a celebratory mood. As a result, it is frequently sent to celebrate festivals, birthdays, and other similar events. Additionally, this is how people express their congrats for weddings and graduations. Additionally, it can be used to convey joy or the fact that the writer is having a good time.
🎊 Confetti Ball
The Confetti Ball emoji depicts a cylinder that is bursting and releasing confetti; in some ways, it resembles the Party Popper emoji. (essentially, it is the same thing but in the other form). Additionally, it is used in similar contexts linked to celebrations and occasions of all kinds, from birthdays to New Year's, where loud fun and congratulations would be appropriate.
🎋 Tanabata Tree
The Tanabata tree, a bamboo tree with bits of paper fastened to it, is depicted by this emoji. People write their desires on colorful pieces of paper and attach them to the Tanabata tree during the Japanese holiday of Tanabata. The Tanabata tree emoji is also known as the bamboo emoji, but some prefer the shortened name Tanabata emoji. Due to their resemblance in look, the Tanabata tree emoji is frequently misidentified as the sugar cane emoji. The two, however, are very dissimilar. One notable distinction is that bamboo is taller, develops more quickly than sugar cane, and has a stem that is more hollow.
🎍 Pine Decoration
The bamboo in the Pine Decoration emoji is adorned with various items, including leaves, grass, blossoms, fans, and ribbons. Originally known as kadomatsu, this structure is a Japanese take on the Christmas tree. It complements other uniquely Japanese concepts depicted by the tanabata tree emoji. It makes sense that a unique emoji would be used primarily in Japanese setting.
🎎 Japanese Dolls
A set of ornamental Japanese Emperor and Empress dolls dressed in regal Japanese attire make up this emoji. The Japanese Emperor is wearing blue and is carrying a folded fan, while the Japanese Empress is wearing red and is clutching an unfolded fan. These figurines play a significant role in both the actual and virtual Hinamatasuri (Girls Day) celebration on March 3. The Japanese dolls are known as mebina for the female and obina for the masculine. Due to the fact that they both appear to be donning kimonos, this emoji is occasionally mistaken for a geisha, but there are no other similarities.
🎏 Carp Streamer
Two blue and red fish flags are connected to a pole in this emoji. The carp streamer, also referred to as Koinobori (from the Japanese words "koi" for "carp" and "nobori" for "flag"), is a banner in the form of a variety of colored koi fish. The flag has a unique significance because it is primarily used to honor Japan's Children's Day, which occurs on May 5. It sends best wishes for every Japanese child's future prosperity and happiness. You might be pondering why the flag's design features a fish. The Koga River's water currents were allegedly so powerful that all fish within it - aside from the golden carp - were unable to survive in the water.
🎐 Wind Chime
Along with the Carp Streamer emoji, the Wind Chime emoji depicts an object that is only found in Japan; in this instance, it is a decoration. It looks like another type of traditional Japanese decoration in the form of a glass bell, decorated with a pattern of sakura flowers. The name implies that it should be of the type that produces gentle sounds when moved by wind.
🎑 Moon Viewing Ceremony
The Moon Viewing emoji is an image in a square frame with a full moon and starry sky in the backdrop, some lovely ornamental grass on the left called pampas, and some dango (a round sweet treat) on the right. The ritual of watching the moon is actually part of a festival called Tsukimi or Otsukimi that occurs in Japan every autumn. Jugoya, a name that means "moon viewing", is another moniker for this. The waxing moon holiday and the full moon festival are two occasions to celebrate this. These seek to elevate the Autumn moon.
🎀 Ribbon
The Ribbon emoji depicts a pink (or red, depending on which emoji provider you use) ribbon bow. Although less apparent than other fashion-related emojis, it is a symbol of girlishness and childishness as well as beauty and glamor. Additionally, it frequently appears in the setting of weddings, for which the Ribbon is one of the customary elements, and children's birthdays.
🎁 Wrapped Gift
The Wrapped Gift emoji depicts what appears to be a gift in a gift bag with a bow knot; the colours of this object vary based on the emoji provider, but at least one of these components is typically red or yellow. The emoji frequently appears in the context of various celebrations due to its holiday-themed nature, for example, alongside the Christmas Tree emoji.
🎗️ Reminder Ribbon
The Reminder Ribbon emoji expresses support and spreads knowledge about a specific condition or disease. They appear in a range of colors that correspond to their purpose. You've probably seen a pink ribbon, for instance, which is used to promote breast cancer awareness. Send this emoji along with one of the colored hearts, such as the green heart emoji, which stands for mental health consciousness, when you want to discuss a particular cause. Alternately, share it with the yellow heart emoji to express your support for our soldiers serving abroad.
🎖️ Military Medal
The typical style for the military medal emoji is a yellow medal with a blue, red, and white ribbon. The military award has a lot of applications. It is closely linked to courageous actions that are recognized and valued. Use the Firefighter or Fire Engine emojis with the military medal icon to show your admiration for a brave firefighter. Or just use any other professional emoticon to recognize a kind deed or bravery. Veteran's Day can be observed alongside the Fireworks symbol.
🪅 Piñata
The piñata emoji represents the colourful candy-carrying party toy. You can use this emoji when discussing party planning and deciding what activities will be at the party because kids of all ages enjoy these party favours. Since piñatas are intended to be broken, you can use this emoji to express how hurt you feel or how quickly someone can crumble, just like a piñata. If you want to know if you should bring a piñata to the celebration, send it along with the Party Popper emoji. Or you can share it along with the Pensive Face emoji to express how sensitive someone is and to be cautious with your words and actions around them.
🎓 Graduation Cap
The square hat, a well-known characteristic of those receiving diplomas from high schools, colleges, and universities, is depicted in the Graduation hat emoji. In a way, it serves as the primary emblem of graduation. It makes sense that it is primarily used in this sense, i.e., as a sign of a successful graduation that has already occurred or an impending graduation. It occasionally shows up in posts about enrolling in college or universities as well as schooling in general. Additionally, the Man and Women Student emojis both feature this particular object on their heads.
🎌 Crossed Flags
Two Japanese flags with rods crossing one another can be seen in this emoji. Typically, you can see the crossed flags at motor shows or during races. These flags serve as a halfway point for the vehicles during a race. If you enjoy drag racing, you might use the crossed flags emoji in the caption of a picture you take while watching a race. This character can be used in conjunction with the Car emoji to pique people's interest in drag races because it is all about racing. A fellow drag racer will comprehend the crossed flags emoji even if you update and send it to them alone.