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👂 Ear
A particularly well-detailed human ear is depicted in the Ear emoji. It should come as no surprise that it is frequently used as a sign for hearing, listening, and everything else associated with this sense. For instance, it might imply that the listener notices something odd, is making an effort to understand what is being said, or enjoys listening to someone (such as the sound of the ocean) or something. (speaking or singing). Its meaning can be clarified when used with other emojis; for instance, when combined with the Headphone emoji, it denotes enjoyment of favourite music or podcasts.
👂🏻 Ear: Light Skin Tone
Ear with light skin tone
👂🏼 Ear: Medium-Light Skin Tone
Ear with medium-light skin tone
👂🏽 Ear: Medium Skin Tone
Ear with medium skin tone
👂🏾 Ear: Medium-Dark Skin Tone
Ear with medium-dark skin tone
👂🏿 Ear: Dark Skin Tone
Ear with dark skin tone
👃 Nose
The Nose emoji depicts the nose, which is the central feature of any human face. It has all connotations associated with nostrils in general and with the act of smelling something. For instance, in the first instance, it might be mentioned as part of a gripe about a runny nose or about how the user feels insecure because they believe their nose is ugly. A different emoji that expresses the exact attitude, such as the Nauseated Face emoji to express disgust, may be used after the second instance, which could indicate that the user scents something they love or detest.
👃🏻 Nose: Light Skin Tone
Nose with light skin tone
👃🏼 Nose: Medium-Light Skin Tone
Nose with medium-light skin tone
👃🏽 Nose: Medium Skin Tone
Nose with medium skin tone
👃🏾 Nose: Medium-Dark Skin Tone
Nose with medium-dark skin tone
👃🏿 Nose: Dark Skin Tone
Nose with dark skin tone
👁️ Eye
The Eye emoji is a very accurate representation of a human eye. Depending on the emoji provider, it is either black, hazel, or blue in color. It comes as no surprise that the majority of its meanings have to do with eyes, eyesight, and the act of seeing or observing. When used with an emoji for television, it may denote the act of viewing something interesting. Depending on the situation, it may also represent speaking looks, flirting, keeping an eye on someone appealing or risky, or even beauty and charm.
👅 Tongue
A cartoonish representation of a human tongue protruding from the lips is the tongue emoji. It is frequently used to communicate taste or appetite, as well as the act of sticking out one's tongue, which can be amusing or naughty. It can also stand for hygiene or good health. The tongue emoji might be used in more suggestive or sexual settings occasionally.