Modifier Symbol Unicode Category

Below you will find all the characters that are in the 'modifier symbol' unicode category. Currently there are 121 characters in this category.

Image Browser Unicode Name
Spacing Circumflex^U+005E;Circumflex Accent
Spacing Grave`U+0060;Grave Accent
Spacing Diaeresis¨U+00A8;Diaeresis
Spacing Macron¯U+00AF;Macron
Spacing Acute´U+00B4;Acute Accent
Spacing Cedilla¸U+00B8;Cedilla
˂U+02C2;Modifier Letter Left Arrowhead
˃U+02C3;Modifier Letter Right Arrowhead
˄U+02C4;Modifier Letter Up Arrowhead
˅U+02C5;Modifier Letter Down Arrowhead
Modifier Letter Centered Right Half Ring˒U+02D2;Modifier Letter Centred Right Half Ring
Modifier Letter Centered Left Half Ring˓U+02D3;Modifier Letter Centred Left Half Ring
˔U+02D4;Modifier Letter Up Tack
˕U+02D5;Modifier Letter Down Tack
˖U+02D6;Modifier Letter Plus Sign
˗U+02D7;Modifier Letter Minus Sign
Spacing Breve˘U+02D8;Breve
Spacing Dot Above˙U+02D9;Dot Above
Spacing Ring Above˚U+02DA;Ring Above
Spacing Ogonek˛U+02DB;Ogonek
Spacing Tilde˜U+02DC;Small Tilde
Spacing Double Acute˝U+02DD;Double Acute Accent
˞U+02DE;Modifier Letter Rhotic Hook
˟U+02DF;Modifier Letter Cross Accent
˥U+02E5;Modifier Letter Extra-high Tone Bar
˦U+02E6;Modifier Letter High Tone Bar
˧U+02E7;Modifier Letter Mid Tone Bar
˨U+02E8;Modifier Letter Low Tone Bar
˩U+02E9;Modifier Letter Extra-low Tone Bar
˪U+02EA;Modifier Letter Yin Departing Tone Mark
˫U+02EB;Modifier Letter Yang Departing Tone Mark
˭U+02ED;Modifier Letter Unaspirated
˯U+02EF;Modifier Letter Low Down Arrowhead
˰U+02F0;Modifier Letter Low Up Arrowhead
˱U+02F1;Modifier Letter Low Left Arrowhead
˲U+02F2;Modifier Letter Low Right Arrowhead
˳U+02F3;Modifier Letter Low Ring
˴U+02F4;Modifier Letter Middle Grave Accent
˵U+02F5;Modifier Letter Middle Double Grave Accent
˶U+02F6;Modifier Letter Middle Double Acute Accent
˷U+02F7;Modifier Letter Low Tilde
˸U+02F8;Modifier Letter Raised Colon
˹U+02F9;Modifier Letter Begin High Tone
˺U+02FA;Modifier Letter End High Tone
˻U+02FB;Modifier Letter Begin Low Tone
˼U+02FC;Modifier Letter End Low Tone
˽U+02FD;Modifier Letter Shelf
˾U+02FE;Modifier Letter Open Shelf
˿U+02FF;Modifier Letter Low Left Arrow
͵U+0375;Greek Lower Numeral Sign