Letter Number Unicode Category

The Unicode letter number category is a classification employed within the Unicode standard to categorize characters that represent numeric values but are primarily derived from letters rather than traditional digits. These characters often possess historical or cultural significance in various writing systems and languages. The category includes characters such as Roman numerals (e.g., "Ⅰ" for 1, "Ⅹ" for 10), Greek numerals, and other alphanumeric symbols that function as numeric indicators while maintaining a visual connection to letters. This classification ensures accurate representation of diverse numeric notations and their historical contexts within the broader framework of the Unicode standard, promoting cross-script compatibility in digital communication.

Below you will find all the characters that are in the 'Letter Number' unicode category. Currently there are 236 characters in this category.

Image Browser Unicode Name
Greek Acrophonic Messenian Ten𐅣U+10163Greek Acrophonic Messenian Ten
Greek Acrophonic Thespian Ten𐅤U+10164Greek Acrophonic Thespian Ten
Greek Acrophonic Thespian Thirty𐅥U+10165Greek Acrophonic Thespian Thirty
Greek Acrophonic Troezenian Fifty𐅦U+10166Greek Acrophonic Troezenian Fifty
Greek Acrophonic Troezenian Fifty Alternate Form𐅧U+10167Greek Acrophonic Troezenian Fifty Alternate Form
Greek Acrophonic Hermionian Fifty𐅨U+10168Greek Acrophonic Hermionian Fifty
Greek Acrophonic Thespian Fifty𐅩U+10169Greek Acrophonic Thespian Fifty
Greek Acrophonic Thespian One Hundred𐅪U+1016AGreek Acrophonic Thespian One Hundred
Greek Acrophonic Thespian Three Hundred𐅫U+1016BGreek Acrophonic Thespian Three Hundred
Greek Acrophonic Epidaurean Five Hundred𐅬U+1016CGreek Acrophonic Epidaurean Five Hundred
Greek Acrophonic Troezenian Five Hundred𐅭U+1016DGreek Acrophonic Troezenian Five Hundred
Greek Acrophonic Thespian Five Hundred𐅮U+1016EGreek Acrophonic Thespian Five Hundred
Greek Acrophonic Carystian Five Hundred𐅯U+1016FGreek Acrophonic Carystian Five Hundred
Greek Acrophonic Naxian Five Hundred𐅰U+10170Greek Acrophonic Naxian Five Hundred
Greek Acrophonic Thespian One Thousand𐅱U+10171Greek Acrophonic Thespian One Thousand
Greek Acrophonic Thespian Five Thousand𐅲U+10172Greek Acrophonic Thespian Five Thousand
Greek Acrophonic Delphic Five Mnas𐅳U+10173Greek Acrophonic Delphic Five Mnas
Greek Acrophonic Stratian Fifty Mnas𐅴U+10174Greek Acrophonic Stratian Fifty Mnas
Gothic Letter Ninety𐍁U+10341Gothic Letter Ninety
Gothic Letter Nine Hundred𐍊U+1034AGothic Letter Nine Hundred
Old Persian Number One𐏑U+103D1Old Persian Number One
Old Persian Number Two𐏒U+103D2Old Persian Number Two
Old Persian Number Ten𐏓U+103D3Old Persian Number Ten
Old Persian Number Twenty𐏔U+103D4Old Persian Number Twenty
Old Persian Number Hundred𐏕U+103D5Old Persian Number Hundred
Cuneiform Numeric Sign Two Ash𒐀U+12400Cuneiform Numeric Sign Two Ash
Cuneiform Numeric Sign Three Ash𒐁U+12401Cuneiform Numeric Sign Three Ash
Cuneiform Numeric Sign Four Ash𒐂U+12402Cuneiform Numeric Sign Four Ash
Cuneiform Numeric Sign Five Ash𒐃U+12403Cuneiform Numeric Sign Five Ash
Cuneiform Numeric Sign Six Ash𒐄U+12404Cuneiform Numeric Sign Six Ash
Cuneiform Numeric Sign Seven Ash𒐅U+12405Cuneiform Numeric Sign Seven Ash
Cuneiform Numeric Sign Eight Ash𒐆U+12406Cuneiform Numeric Sign Eight Ash
Cuneiform Numeric Sign Nine Ash𒐇U+12407Cuneiform Numeric Sign Nine Ash
Cuneiform Numeric Sign Three Dish𒐈U+12408Cuneiform Numeric Sign Three Dish
Cuneiform Numeric Sign Four Dish𒐉U+12409Cuneiform Numeric Sign Four Dish
Cuneiform Numeric Sign Five Dish𒐊U+1240ACuneiform Numeric Sign Five Dish
Cuneiform Numeric Sign Six Dish𒐋U+1240BCuneiform Numeric Sign Six Dish
Cuneiform Numeric Sign Seven Dish𒐌U+1240CCuneiform Numeric Sign Seven Dish
Cuneiform Numeric Sign Eight Dish𒐍U+1240DCuneiform Numeric Sign Eight Dish
Cuneiform Numeric Sign Nine Dish𒐎U+1240ECuneiform Numeric Sign Nine Dish
Cuneiform Numeric Sign Four U𒐏U+1240FCuneiform Numeric Sign Four U
Cuneiform Numeric Sign Five U𒐐U+12410Cuneiform Numeric Sign Five U
Cuneiform Numeric Sign Six U𒐑U+12411Cuneiform Numeric Sign Six U
Cuneiform Numeric Sign Seven U𒐒U+12412Cuneiform Numeric Sign Seven U
Cuneiform Numeric Sign Eight U𒐓U+12413Cuneiform Numeric Sign Eight U
Cuneiform Numeric Sign Nine U𒐔U+12414Cuneiform Numeric Sign Nine U
Cuneiform Numeric Sign One Gesh2𒐕U+12415Cuneiform Numeric Sign One Gesh2
Cuneiform Numeric Sign Two Gesh2𒐖U+12416Cuneiform Numeric Sign Two Gesh2
Cuneiform Numeric Sign Three Gesh2𒐗U+12417Cuneiform Numeric Sign Three Gesh2
Cuneiform Numeric Sign Four Gesh2𒐘U+12418Cuneiform Numeric Sign Four Gesh2