Letter Number Unicode Category

The Unicode letter number category is a classification employed within the Unicode standard to categorize characters that represent numeric values but are primarily derived from letters rather than traditional digits. These characters often possess historical or cultural significance in various writing systems and languages. The category includes characters such as Roman numerals (e.g., "Ⅰ" for 1, "Ⅹ" for 10), Greek numerals, and other alphanumeric symbols that function as numeric indicators while maintaining a visual connection to letters. This classification ensures accurate representation of diverse numeric notations and their historical contexts within the broader framework of the Unicode standard, promoting cross-script compatibility in digital communication.

Below you will find all the characters that are in the 'Letter Number' unicode category. Currently there are 236 characters in this category.

Image Browser Unicode Name
Hangzhou Numeral EightU+3028Hangzhou Numeral Eight
Hangzhou Numeral NineU+3029Hangzhou Numeral Nine
Hangzhou Numeral TenU+3038Hangzhou Numeral Ten
Hangzhou Numeral TwentyU+3039Hangzhou Numeral Twenty
Hangzhou Numeral ThirtyU+303AHangzhou Numeral Thirty
Bamum Letter MoU+A6E6Bamum Letter Mo
Bamum Letter MbaaU+A6E7Bamum Letter Mbaa
Bamum Letter TetU+A6E8Bamum Letter Tet
Bamum Letter KpaU+A6E9Bamum Letter Kpa
Bamum Letter TenU+A6EABamum Letter Ten
Bamum Letter NtuuU+A6EBBamum Letter Ntuu
Bamum Letter SambaU+A6ECBamum Letter Samba
Bamum Letter FaamaeU+A6EDBamum Letter Faamae
Bamum Letter KovuuU+A6EEBamum Letter Kovuu
Bamum Letter KoghomU+A6EFBamum Letter Koghom
Greek Acrophonic Attic One Quarter𐅀U+10140Greek Acrophonic Attic One Quarter
Greek Acrophonic Attic One Half𐅁U+10141Greek Acrophonic Attic One Half
Greek Acrophonic Attic One Drachma𐅂U+10142Greek Acrophonic Attic One Drachma
Greek Acrophonic Attic Five𐅃U+10143Greek Acrophonic Attic Five
Greek Acrophonic Attic Fifty𐅄U+10144Greek Acrophonic Attic Fifty
Greek Acrophonic Attic Five Hundred𐅅U+10145Greek Acrophonic Attic Five Hundred
Greek Acrophonic Attic Five Thousand𐅆U+10146Greek Acrophonic Attic Five Thousand
Greek Acrophonic Attic Fifty Thousand𐅇U+10147Greek Acrophonic Attic Fifty Thousand
Greek Acrophonic Attic Five Talents𐅈U+10148Greek Acrophonic Attic Five Talents
Greek Acrophonic Attic Ten Talents𐅉U+10149Greek Acrophonic Attic Ten Talents
Greek Acrophonic Attic Fifty Talents𐅊U+1014AGreek Acrophonic Attic Fifty Talents
Greek Acrophonic Attic One Hundred Talents𐅋U+1014BGreek Acrophonic Attic One Hundred Talents
Greek Acrophonic Attic Five Hundred Talents𐅌U+1014CGreek Acrophonic Attic Five Hundred Talents
Greek Acrophonic Attic One Thousand Talents𐅍U+1014DGreek Acrophonic Attic One Thousand Talents
Greek Acrophonic Attic Five Thousand Talents𐅎U+1014EGreek Acrophonic Attic Five Thousand Talents
Greek Acrophonic Attic Five Staters𐅏U+1014FGreek Acrophonic Attic Five Staters
Greek Acrophonic Attic Ten Staters𐅐U+10150Greek Acrophonic Attic Ten Staters
Greek Acrophonic Attic Fifty Staters𐅑U+10151Greek Acrophonic Attic Fifty Staters
Greek Acrophonic Attic One Hundred Staters𐅒U+10152Greek Acrophonic Attic One Hundred Staters
Greek Acrophonic Attic Five Hundred Staters𐅓U+10153Greek Acrophonic Attic Five Hundred Staters
Greek Acrophonic Attic One Thousand Staters𐅔U+10154Greek Acrophonic Attic One Thousand Staters
Greek Acrophonic Attic Ten Thousand Staters𐅕U+10155Greek Acrophonic Attic Ten Thousand Staters
Greek Acrophonic Attic Fifty Thousand Staters𐅖U+10156Greek Acrophonic Attic Fifty Thousand Staters
Greek Acrophonic Attic Ten Mnas𐅗U+10157Greek Acrophonic Attic Ten Mnas
Greek Acrophonic Heraeum One Plethron𐅘U+10158Greek Acrophonic Heraeum One Plethron
Greek Acrophonic Thespian One𐅙U+10159Greek Acrophonic Thespian One
Greek Acrophonic Hermionian One𐅚U+1015AGreek Acrophonic Hermionian One
Greek Acrophonic Epidaurean Two𐅛U+1015BGreek Acrophonic Epidaurean Two
Greek Acrophonic Thespian Two𐅜U+1015CGreek Acrophonic Thespian Two
Greek Acrophonic Cyrenaic Two Drachmas𐅝U+1015DGreek Acrophonic Cyrenaic Two Drachmas
Greek Acrophonic Epidaurean Two Drachmas𐅞U+1015EGreek Acrophonic Epidaurean Two Drachmas
Greek Acrophonic Troezenian Five𐅟U+1015FGreek Acrophonic Troezenian Five
Greek Acrophonic Troezenian Ten𐅠U+10160Greek Acrophonic Troezenian Ten
Greek Acrophonic Troezenian Ten Alternate Form𐅡U+10161Greek Acrophonic Troezenian Ten Alternate Form
Greek Acrophonic Hermionian Ten𐅢U+10162Greek Acrophonic Hermionian Ten