Letter Number Unicode Category

Below you will find all the characters that are in the 'letter number' unicode category. Currently there are 236 characters in this category.

Image Browser Unicode Name
U+16EE;Runic Arlaug Symbol
U+16EF;Runic Tvimadur Symbol
U+16F0;Runic Belgthor Symbol
U+2160;Roman Numeral One
U+2161;Roman Numeral Two
U+2162;Roman Numeral Three
U+2163;Roman Numeral Four
U+2164;Roman Numeral Five
U+2165;Roman Numeral Six
U+2166;Roman Numeral Seven
U+2167;Roman Numeral Eight
U+2168;Roman Numeral Nine
U+2169;Roman Numeral Ten
U+216A;Roman Numeral Eleven
U+216B;Roman Numeral Twelve
U+216C;Roman Numeral Fifty
U+216D;Roman Numeral One Hundred
U+216E;Roman Numeral Five Hundred
U+216F;Roman Numeral One Thousand
U+2170;Small Roman Numeral One
U+2171;Small Roman Numeral Two
U+2172;Small Roman Numeral Three
U+2173;Small Roman Numeral Four
U+2174;Small Roman Numeral Five
U+2175;Small Roman Numeral Six
U+2176;Small Roman Numeral Seven
U+2177;Small Roman Numeral Eight
U+2178;Small Roman Numeral Nine
U+2179;Small Roman Numeral Ten
U+217A;Small Roman Numeral Eleven
U+217B;Small Roman Numeral Twelve
U+217C;Small Roman Numeral Fifty
U+217D;Small Roman Numeral One Hundred
U+217E;Small Roman Numeral Five Hundred
U+217F;Small Roman Numeral One Thousand
U+2180;Roman Numeral One Thousand C D
U+2181;Roman Numeral Five Thousand
U+2182;Roman Numeral Ten Thousand
U+2185;Roman Numeral Six Late Form
U+2186;Roman Numeral Fifty Early Form
U+2187;Roman Numeral Fifty Thousand
U+2188;Roman Numeral One Hundred Thousand
U+3007;Ideographic Number Zero
U+3021;Hangzhou Numeral One
U+3022;Hangzhou Numeral Two
U+3023;Hangzhou Numeral Three
U+3024;Hangzhou Numeral Four
U+3025;Hangzhou Numeral Five
U+3026;Hangzhou Numeral Six
U+3027;Hangzhou Numeral Seven