Format Other Unicode Category

In the Unicode context, format other characters are employed to delineate aspects of text layout and presentation. These characters may not be visually represented in the final rendering of text but instead influence the formatting and display properties of adjacent characters. Examples of format other characters include the Zero Width Space (ZWSP) and the Zero Width Joiner (ZWJ), which play roles in controlling text shaping and rendering, particularly in contexts where ligatures, diacritics, and special character combinations are involved. By defining formatting attributes, the Unicode Format Other category contributes to maintaining the visual integrity and proper rendering of text across different platforms, languages, and typographical styles.

Below you will find all the characters that are in the 'Format Other' unicode category. Currently there are 170 characters in this category.

Image Browser Unicode Name
Soft Hyphen­U+00ADSoft Hyphen
Arabic Number Sign؀U+0600Arabic Number Sign
Arabic Sign Sanah؁U+0601Arabic Sign Sanah
Arabic Footnote Marker؂U+0602Arabic Footnote Marker
Arabic Sign Safha؃U+0603Arabic Sign Safha
Arabic Sign Samvat؄U+0604Arabic Sign Samvat
Arabic Number Mark Above؅U+0605Arabic Number Mark Above
Arabic Letter Mark؜U+061CArabic Letter Mark
Arabic End Of Ayah۝U+06DDArabic End Of Ayah
Syriac Abbreviation Mark܏U+070FSyriac Abbreviation Mark
Arabic Pound Mark AboveU+0890Arabic Pound Mark Above
Arabic Piastre Mark AboveU+0891Arabic Piastre Mark Above
Arabic Disputed End Of AyahU+08E2Arabic Disputed End Of Ayah
Mongolian Vowel SeparatorU+180EMongolian Vowel Separator
Zero Width SpaceU+200BZero Width Space
Zero Width Non-JoinerU+200CZero Width Non-Joiner
Zero Width JoinerU+200DZero Width Joiner
Left-To-Right MarkU+200ELeft-To-Right Mark
Right-To-Left MarkU+200FRight-To-Left Mark
Left-To-Right EmbeddingU+202ALeft-To-Right Embedding
Right-To-Left EmbeddingU+202BRight-To-Left Embedding
Pop Directional FormattingU+202CPop Directional Formatting
Left-To-Right OverrideU+202DLeft-To-Right Override
Right-To-Left OverrideU+202ERight-To-Left Override
Word JoinerU+2060Word Joiner
Function ApplicationU+2061Function Application
Invisible TimesU+2062Invisible Times
Invisible SeparatorU+2063Invisible Separator
Invisible PlusU+2064Invisible Plus
Left-To-Right IsolateU+2066Left-To-Right Isolate
Right-To-Left IsolateU+2067Right-To-Left Isolate
First Strong IsolateU+2068First Strong Isolate
Pop Directional IsolateU+2069Pop Directional Isolate
Inhibit Symmetric SwappingU+206AInhibit Symmetric Swapping
Activate Symmetric SwappingU+206BActivate Symmetric Swapping
Inhibit Arabic Form ShapingU+206CInhibit Arabic Form Shaping
Activate Arabic Form ShapingU+206DActivate Arabic Form Shaping
National Digit ShapesU+206ENational Digit Shapes
Nominal Digit ShapesU+206FNominal Digit Shapes
Zero Width No-Break SpaceU+FEFFZero Width No-Break Space
Interlinear Annotation AnchorU+FFF9Interlinear Annotation Anchor
Interlinear Annotation SeparatorU+FFFAInterlinear Annotation Separator
Interlinear Annotation TerminatorU+FFFBInterlinear Annotation Terminator
Kaithi Number Sign𑂽U+110BDKaithi Number Sign
Kaithi Number Sign Above𑃍U+110CDKaithi Number Sign Above
Egyptian Hieroglyph Vertical Joiner𓐰U+13430Egyptian Hieroglyph Vertical Joiner
Egyptian Hieroglyph Horizontal Joiner𓐱U+13431Egyptian Hieroglyph Horizontal Joiner
Egyptian Hieroglyph Insert At Top Start𓐲U+13432Egyptian Hieroglyph Insert At Top Start
Egyptian Hieroglyph Insert At Bottom Start𓐳U+13433Egyptian Hieroglyph Insert At Bottom Start
Egyptian Hieroglyph Insert At Top End𓐴U+13434Egyptian Hieroglyph Insert At Top End