Decimal Digit Number Unicode Category

The Unicode decimal digit number category refers to a classification system within the Unicode standard, which is used to represent and encode characters from various writing systems and languages in a consistent manner. In this category, characters are assigned specific numeric values that correspond to the decimal digits used in everyday numerical representation. These characters include digits from 0 to 9, along with their fullwidth and various linguistic variants, ensuring that numeric values can be universally and accurately represented across different scripts and languages. This categorization enables seamless exchange of numerical information in digital communication, regardless of the writing system being used.

Below you will find all the characters that are in the 'Decimal Digit Number' unicode category. Currently there are 680 characters in this category.

Image Browser Unicode Name
Mongolian Digit ZeroU+1810Mongolian Digit Zero
Mongolian Digit OneU+1811Mongolian Digit One
Mongolian Digit TwoU+1812Mongolian Digit Two
Mongolian Digit ThreeU+1813Mongolian Digit Three
Mongolian Digit FourU+1814Mongolian Digit Four
Mongolian Digit FiveU+1815Mongolian Digit Five
Mongolian Digit SixU+1816Mongolian Digit Six
Mongolian Digit SevenU+1817Mongolian Digit Seven
Mongolian Digit EightU+1818Mongolian Digit Eight
Mongolian Digit NineU+1819Mongolian Digit Nine
Limbu Digit ZeroU+1946Limbu Digit Zero
Limbu Digit OneU+1947Limbu Digit One
Limbu Digit TwoU+1948Limbu Digit Two
Limbu Digit ThreeU+1949Limbu Digit Three
Limbu Digit FourU+194ALimbu Digit Four
Limbu Digit FiveU+194BLimbu Digit Five
Limbu Digit SixU+194CLimbu Digit Six
Limbu Digit SevenU+194DLimbu Digit Seven
Limbu Digit EightU+194ELimbu Digit Eight
Limbu Digit NineU+194FLimbu Digit Nine
New Tai Lue Digit ZeroU+19D0New Tai Lue Digit Zero
New Tai Lue Digit OneU+19D1New Tai Lue Digit One
New Tai Lue Digit TwoU+19D2New Tai Lue Digit Two
New Tai Lue Digit ThreeU+19D3New Tai Lue Digit Three
New Tai Lue Digit FourU+19D4New Tai Lue Digit Four
New Tai Lue Digit FiveU+19D5New Tai Lue Digit Five
New Tai Lue Digit SixU+19D6New Tai Lue Digit Six
New Tai Lue Digit SevenU+19D7New Tai Lue Digit Seven
New Tai Lue Digit EightU+19D8New Tai Lue Digit Eight
New Tai Lue Digit NineU+19D9New Tai Lue Digit Nine
Tai Tham Hora Digit ZeroU+1A80Tai Tham Hora Digit Zero
Tai Tham Hora Digit OneU+1A81Tai Tham Hora Digit One
Tai Tham Hora Digit TwoU+1A82Tai Tham Hora Digit Two
Tai Tham Hora Digit ThreeU+1A83Tai Tham Hora Digit Three
Tai Tham Hora Digit FourU+1A84Tai Tham Hora Digit Four
Tai Tham Hora Digit FiveU+1A85Tai Tham Hora Digit Five
Tai Tham Hora Digit SixU+1A86Tai Tham Hora Digit Six
Tai Tham Hora Digit SevenU+1A87Tai Tham Hora Digit Seven
Tai Tham Hora Digit EightU+1A88Tai Tham Hora Digit Eight
Tai Tham Hora Digit NineU+1A89Tai Tham Hora Digit Nine
Tai Tham Tham Digit ZeroU+1A90Tai Tham Tham Digit Zero
Tai Tham Tham Digit OneU+1A91Tai Tham Tham Digit One
Tai Tham Tham Digit TwoU+1A92Tai Tham Tham Digit Two
Tai Tham Tham Digit ThreeU+1A93Tai Tham Tham Digit Three
Tai Tham Tham Digit FourU+1A94Tai Tham Tham Digit Four
Tai Tham Tham Digit FiveU+1A95Tai Tham Tham Digit Five
Tai Tham Tham Digit SixU+1A96Tai Tham Tham Digit Six
Tai Tham Tham Digit SevenU+1A97Tai Tham Tham Digit Seven
Tai Tham Tham Digit EightU+1A98Tai Tham Tham Digit Eight
Tai Tham Tham Digit NineU+1A99Tai Tham Tham Digit Nine