Control Other Unicode Category

Below you will find all the characters that are in the 'control other' unicode category. Currently there are 65 characters in this category.

Image Browser Unicode Name
  U+0000;[control] Null
  U+0001;[control] Start Of Heading
  U+0002;[control] Start Of Text
  U+0003;[control] End Of Text
  U+0004;[control] End Of Transmission
  U+0005;[control] Enquiry
  U+0006;[control] Acknowledge
  U+0007;[control] Bell
  U+0008;[control] Backspace
  U+0009;[control] Character Tabulation
  U+000A;[control] Line Feed (lf)
  U+000B;[control] Line Tabulation
  U+000C;[control] Form Feed (ff)
  U+000D;[control] Carriage Return (cr)
  U+000E;[control] Shift Out
  U+000F;[control] Shift In
  U+0010;[control] Data Link Escape
  U+0011;[control] Device Control One
  U+0012;[control] Device Control Two
  U+0013;[control] Device Control Three
  U+0014;[control] Device Control Four
  U+0015;[control] Negative Acknowledge
  U+0016;[control] Synchronous Idle
  U+0017;[control] End Of Transmission Block
  U+0018;[control] Cancel
  U+0019;[control] End Of Medium
  U+001A;[control] Substitute
  U+001B;[control] Escape
  U+001C;[control] Information Separator Four
  U+001D;[control] Information Separator Three
  U+001E;[control] Information Separator Two
  U+001F;[control] Information Separator One
  U+007F;[control] Delete
  U+0082;[control] Break Permitted Here
  U+0083;[control] No Break Here
  U+0085;[control] Next Line (nel)
  U+0086;[control] Start Of Selected Area
  U+0087;[control] End Of Selected Area
  U+0088;[control] Character Tabulation Set
  U+0089;[control] Character Tabulation With Justification
  U+008A;[control] Line Tabulation Set
  U+008B;[control] Partial Line Forward
  U+008C;[control] Partial Line Backward
  U+008D;[control] Reverse Line Feed
  U+008E;[control] Single Shift Two
  U+008F;[control] Single Shift Three
  U+0090;[control] Device Control String