Vertical Forms Unicode Block

The Unicode Vertical Forms block is a specific section within the Unicode Standard that encompasses a range of characters and symbols designed for vertical writing systems. Vertical writing systems, such as traditional Chinese, Japanese, and some forms of Mongolian and Korean writing, are oriented vertically, with text flowing from top to bottom and columns arranged from right to left. The Vertical Forms block includes various characters and punctuation marks adapted for vertical text layout, ensuring proper alignment and readability in these scripts. These characters are specifically designed to fit within the vertical text flow, aligning with the overall aesthetics and conventions of vertical writing. This block is important for digital typography and typesetting, as it provides the necessary elements to correctly display and format vertical text in documents, websites, and other digital media. Unicode's inclusion of the Vertical Forms block promotes consistency and ease of use for software developers and designers working with vertical scripts, contributing to the internationalization and accessibility of text content in various languages and writing systems.

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Below you will find all the characters that are in the Vertical Forms unicode block. Currently there are 10 characters in this block.