Syriac Unicode Block

The Unicode Syriac block is a section of the Unicode Standard that is dedicated to encoding characters used in the Syriac script, which historically has been employed for writing various Semitic languages, including Syriac, Aramaic, and others. This block includes a range of characters, including letters, numerals, punctuation marks, and various formatting and control characters, all of which are essential for accurately representing text in the Syriac script. The Syriac script is known for its distinctive and ornate letterforms, which have been historically used in religious texts, manuscripts, and inscriptions. Unicode encoding of the Syriac script ensures that digital content and software applications can accurately handle and display text in this script, supporting both historical and contemporary usage.

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Below you will find all the characters that are in the Syriac unicode block. Currently there are 77 characters in this block.

Image Browser Unicode Name
Syriac End Of Paragraph܀U+0700Syriac End Of Paragraph
Syriac Supralinear Full Stop܁U+0701Syriac Supralinear Full Stop
Syriac Sublinear Full Stop܂U+0702Syriac Sublinear Full Stop
Syriac Supralinear Colon܃U+0703Syriac Supralinear Colon
Syriac Sublinear Colon܄U+0704Syriac Sublinear Colon
Syriac Horizontal Colon܅U+0705Syriac Horizontal Colon
Syriac Colon Skewed Left܆U+0706Syriac Colon Skewed Left
Syriac Colon Skewed Right܇U+0707Syriac Colon Skewed Right
Syriac Supralinear Colon Skewed Left܈U+0708Syriac Supralinear Colon Skewed Left
Syriac Sublinear Colon Skewed Right܉U+0709Syriac Sublinear Colon Skewed Right
Syriac Contraction܊U+070ASyriac Contraction
Syriac Harklean Obelus܋U+070BSyriac Harklean Obelus
Syriac Harklean Metobelus܌U+070CSyriac Harklean Metobelus
Syriac Harklean Asteriscus܍U+070DSyriac Harklean Asteriscus
Syriac Abbreviation Mark܏U+070FSyriac Abbreviation Mark
Syriac Letter AlaphܐU+0710Syriac Letter Alaph
Syriac Letter Superscript AlaphܑU+0711Syriac Letter Superscript Alaph
Syriac Letter BethܒU+0712Syriac Letter Beth
Syriac Letter GamalܓU+0713Syriac Letter Gamal
Syriac Letter Gamal GarshuniܔU+0714Syriac Letter Gamal Garshuni
Syriac Letter DalathܕU+0715Syriac Letter Dalath
Syriac Letter Dotless Dalath RishܖU+0716Syriac Letter Dotless Dalath Rish
Syriac Letter HeܗU+0717Syriac Letter He
Syriac Letter WawܘU+0718Syriac Letter Waw
Syriac Letter ZainܙU+0719Syriac Letter Zain
Syriac Letter HethܚU+071ASyriac Letter Heth
Syriac Letter TethܛU+071BSyriac Letter Teth
Syriac Letter Teth GarshuniܜU+071CSyriac Letter Teth Garshuni
Syriac Letter YudhܝU+071DSyriac Letter Yudh
Syriac Letter Yudh HeܞU+071ESyriac Letter Yudh He
Syriac Letter KaphܟU+071FSyriac Letter Kaph
Syriac Letter LamadhܠU+0720Syriac Letter Lamadh
Syriac Letter MimܡU+0721Syriac Letter Mim
Syriac Letter NunܢU+0722Syriac Letter Nun
Syriac Letter SemkathܣU+0723Syriac Letter Semkath
Syriac Letter Final SemkathܤU+0724Syriac Letter Final Semkath
Syriac Letter EܥU+0725Syriac Letter E
Syriac Letter PeܦU+0726Syriac Letter Pe
Syriac Letter Reversed PeܧU+0727Syriac Letter Reversed Pe
Syriac Letter SadheܨU+0728Syriac Letter Sadhe
Syriac Letter QaphܩU+0729Syriac Letter Qaph
Syriac Letter RishܪU+072ASyriac Letter Rish
Syriac Letter ShinܫU+072BSyriac Letter Shin
Syriac Letter TawܬU+072CSyriac Letter Taw
Syriac Letter Persian BhethܭU+072DSyriac Letter Persian Bheth
Syriac Letter Persian GhamalܮU+072ESyriac Letter Persian Ghamal
Syriac Letter Persian DhalathܯU+072FSyriac Letter Persian Dhalath
Syriac Pthaha AboveܰU+0730Syriac Pthaha Above
Syriac Pthaha BelowܱU+0731Syriac Pthaha Below
Syriac Pthaha DottedܲU+0732Syriac Pthaha Dotted