Supplemental Mathematical Operators Unicode Block

Supplemental Mathematical Operators is a Unicode block containing various mathematical symbols, including N-ary operators, summations and integrals, intersections and unions, logical and relational operators, and subset/superset relations.

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Below you will find all the characters that are in the Supplemental Mathematical Operators unicode block. Currently there are 256 characters in this block.

Image Browser Unicode Name
N-Ary Circled Dot OperatorU+2A00N-Ary Circled Dot Operator
N-Ary Circled Plus OperatorU+2A01N-Ary Circled Plus Operator
N-Ary Circled Times OperatorU+2A02N-Ary Circled Times Operator
N-Ary Union Operator With DotU+2A03N-Ary Union Operator With Dot
N-Ary Union Operator With PlusU+2A04N-Ary Union Operator With Plus
N-Ary Square Intersection OperatorU+2A05N-Ary Square Intersection Operator
N-Ary Square Union OperatorU+2A06N-Ary Square Union Operator
Two Logical And OperatorU+2A07Two Logical And Operator
Two Logical Or OperatorU+2A08Two Logical Or Operator
N-Ary Times OperatorU+2A09N-Ary Times Operator
Modulo Two SumU+2A0AModulo Two Sum
Summation With IntegralU+2A0BSummation With Integral
Quadruple Integral OperatorU+2A0CQuadruple Integral Operator
Finite Part IntegralU+2A0DFinite Part Integral
Integral With Double StrokeU+2A0EIntegral With Double Stroke
Integral Average With SlashU+2A0FIntegral Average With Slash
Circulation FunctionU+2A10Circulation Function
Anticlockwise IntegrationU+2A11Anticlockwise Integration
Line Integration With Rectangular Path Around PoleU+2A12Line Integration With Rectangular Path Around Pole
Line Integration With Semicircular Path Around PoleU+2A13Line Integration With Semicircular Path Around Pole
Line Integration Not Including The PoleU+2A14Line Integration Not Including The Pole
Integral Around A Point OperatorU+2A15Integral Around A Point Operator
Quaternion Integral OperatorU+2A16Quaternion Integral Operator
Integral With Leftwards Arrow With HookU+2A17Integral With Leftwards Arrow With Hook
Integral With Times SignU+2A18Integral With Times Sign
Integral With IntersectionU+2A19Integral With Intersection
Integral With UnionU+2A1AIntegral With Union
Integral With OverbarU+2A1BIntegral With Overbar
Integral With UnderbarU+2A1CIntegral With Underbar
Large Left Triangle OperatorU+2A1ELarge Left Triangle Operator
Z Notation Schema CompositionU+2A1FZ Notation Schema Composition
Z Notation Schema PipingU+2A20Z Notation Schema Piping
Z Notation Schema ProjectionU+2A21Z Notation Schema Projection
Plus Sign With Small Circle AboveU+2A22Plus Sign With Small Circle Above
Plus Sign With Circumflex Accent AboveU+2A23Plus Sign With Circumflex Accent Above
Plus Sign With Tilde AboveU+2A24Plus Sign With Tilde Above
Plus Sign With Dot BelowU+2A25Plus Sign With Dot Below
Plus Sign With Tilde BelowU+2A26Plus Sign With Tilde Below
Plus Sign With Subscript TwoU+2A27Plus Sign With Subscript Two
Plus Sign With Black TriangleU+2A28Plus Sign With Black Triangle
Minus Sign With Comma AboveU+2A29Minus Sign With Comma Above
Minus Sign With Dot BelowU+2A2AMinus Sign With Dot Below
Minus Sign With Falling DotsU+2A2BMinus Sign With Falling Dots
Minus Sign With Rising DotsU+2A2CMinus Sign With Rising Dots
Plus Sign In Left Half CircleU+2A2DPlus Sign In Left Half Circle
Plus Sign In Right Half CircleU+2A2EPlus Sign In Right Half Circle
Vector Or Cross ProductU+2A2FVector Or Cross Product
Multiplication Sign With Dot AboveU+2A30Multiplication Sign With Dot Above
Multiplication Sign With UnderbarU+2A31Multiplication Sign With Underbar