Spacing Modifier Letters Unicode Block

Spacing Modifier letters is a Unicode block containing characters for the IPA, UPA, and other phonetic transcriptions. Included are the IPA tone marks, and modifiers for aspiration and palatalization.

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Below you will find all the characters that are in the Spacing Modifier Letters unicode block. Currently there are 80 characters in this block.

Image Browser Unicode Name
Modifier Letter Small HʰU+02B0Modifier Letter Small H
Modifier Letter Small H With HookʱU+02B1Modifier Letter Small H With Hook
Modifier Letter Small JʲU+02B2Modifier Letter Small J
Modifier Letter Small RʳU+02B3Modifier Letter Small R
Modifier Letter Small Turned RʴU+02B4Modifier Letter Small Turned R
Modifier Letter Small Turned R With HookʵU+02B5Modifier Letter Small Turned R With Hook
Modifier Letter Small Capital Inverted RʶU+02B6Modifier Letter Small Capital Inverted R
Modifier Letter Small WʷU+02B7Modifier Letter Small W
Modifier Letter Small YʸU+02B8Modifier Letter Small Y
Modifier Letter PrimeʹU+02B9Modifier Letter Prime
Modifier Letter Double PrimeʺU+02BAModifier Letter Double Prime
Modifier Letter Turned CommaʻU+02BBModifier Letter Turned Comma
Modifier Letter ApostropheʼU+02BCModifier Letter Apostrophe
Modifier Letter Reversed CommaʽU+02BDModifier Letter Reversed Comma
Modifier Letter Right Half RingʾU+02BEModifier Letter Right Half Ring
Modifier Letter Left Half RingʿU+02BFModifier Letter Left Half Ring
Modifier Letter Glottal StopˀU+02C0Modifier Letter Glottal Stop
Modifier Letter Reversed Glottal StopˁU+02C1Modifier Letter Reversed Glottal Stop
Modifier Letter Left Arrowhead˂U+02C2Modifier Letter Left Arrowhead
Modifier Letter Right Arrowhead˃U+02C3Modifier Letter Right Arrowhead
Modifier Letter Up Arrowhead˄U+02C4Modifier Letter Up Arrowhead
Modifier Letter Down Arrowhead˅U+02C5Modifier Letter Down Arrowhead
Modifier Letter Circumflex AccentˆU+02C6Modifier Letter Circumflex Accent
Modifier Letter Vertical LineˈU+02C8Modifier Letter Vertical Line
Modifier Letter MacronˉU+02C9Modifier Letter Macron
Modifier Letter Acute AccentˊU+02CAModifier Letter Acute Accent
Modifier Letter Grave AccentˋU+02CBModifier Letter Grave Accent
Modifier Letter Low Vertical LineˌU+02CCModifier Letter Low Vertical Line
Modifier Letter Low MacronˍU+02CDModifier Letter Low Macron
Modifier Letter Low Grave AccentˎU+02CEModifier Letter Low Grave Accent
Modifier Letter Low Acute AccentˏU+02CFModifier Letter Low Acute Accent
Modifier Letter Triangular ColonːU+02D0Modifier Letter Triangular Colon
Modifier Letter Half Triangular ColonˑU+02D1Modifier Letter Half Triangular Colon
Modifier Letter Centred Right Half Ring˒U+02D2Modifier Letter Centred Right Half Ring
Modifier Letter Centred Left Half Ring˓U+02D3Modifier Letter Centred Left Half Ring
Modifier Letter Up Tack˔U+02D4Modifier Letter Up Tack
Modifier Letter Down Tack˕U+02D5Modifier Letter Down Tack
Modifier Letter Plus Sign˖U+02D6Modifier Letter Plus Sign
Modifier Letter Minus Sign˗U+02D7Modifier Letter Minus Sign
Dot Above˙U+02D9Dot Above
Ring Above˚U+02DARing Above
Small Tilde˜U+02DCSmall Tilde
Double Acute Accent˝U+02DDDouble Acute Accent
Modifier Letter Rhotic Hook˞U+02DEModifier Letter Rhotic Hook
Modifier Letter Cross Accent˟U+02DFModifier Letter Cross Accent
Modifier Letter Small GammaˠU+02E0Modifier Letter Small Gamma
Modifier Letter Small LˡU+02E1Modifier Letter Small L