Sinhala Unicode Block

Sinhala is a Unicode block containing characters for the Sinhala and Pali languages of Sri Lanka, and is also used for writing Sanskrit in Sri Lanka. The Sinhala allocation is loosely based on the ISCII standard, except that Sinhala contains extra prenasalized consonant letters, leading to inconsistencies with other ISCII-Unicode script allocations.

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Below you will find all the characters that are in the Sinhala unicode block. Currently there are 91 characters in this block.

Image Browser Unicode Name
Sinhala Sign CandrabinduU+0D81Sinhala Sign Candrabindu
Sinhala Sign AnusvarayaU+0D82Sinhala Sign Anusvaraya
Sinhala Sign VisargayaU+0D83Sinhala Sign Visargaya
Sinhala Letter AyannaU+0D85Sinhala Letter Ayanna
Sinhala Letter AayannaU+0D86Sinhala Letter Aayanna
Sinhala Letter AeyannaU+0D87Sinhala Letter Aeyanna
Sinhala Letter AeeyannaU+0D88Sinhala Letter Aeeyanna
Sinhala Letter IyannaU+0D89Sinhala Letter Iyanna
Sinhala Letter IiyannaU+0D8ASinhala Letter Iiyanna
Sinhala Letter UyannaU+0D8BSinhala Letter Uyanna
Sinhala Letter UuyannaU+0D8CSinhala Letter Uuyanna
Sinhala Letter IruyannaU+0D8DSinhala Letter Iruyanna
Sinhala Letter IruuyannaU+0D8ESinhala Letter Iruuyanna
Sinhala Letter IluyannaU+0D8FSinhala Letter Iluyanna
Sinhala Letter IluuyannaU+0D90Sinhala Letter Iluuyanna
Sinhala Letter EyannaU+0D91Sinhala Letter Eyanna
Sinhala Letter EeyannaU+0D92Sinhala Letter Eeyanna
Sinhala Letter AiyannaU+0D93Sinhala Letter Aiyanna
Sinhala Letter OyannaU+0D94Sinhala Letter Oyanna
Sinhala Letter OoyannaU+0D95Sinhala Letter Ooyanna
Sinhala Letter AuyannaU+0D96Sinhala Letter Auyanna
Sinhala Letter Alpapraana KayannaU+0D9ASinhala Letter Alpapraana Kayanna
Sinhala Letter Mahaapraana KayannaU+0D9BSinhala Letter Mahaapraana Kayanna
Sinhala Letter Alpapraana GayannaU+0D9CSinhala Letter Alpapraana Gayanna
Sinhala Letter Mahaapraana GayannaU+0D9DSinhala Letter Mahaapraana Gayanna
Sinhala Letter Kantaja NaasikyayaU+0D9ESinhala Letter Kantaja Naasikyaya
Sinhala Letter Sanyaka GayannaU+0D9FSinhala Letter Sanyaka Gayanna
Sinhala Letter Alpapraana CayannaU+0DA0Sinhala Letter Alpapraana Cayanna
Sinhala Letter Mahaapraana CayannaU+0DA1Sinhala Letter Mahaapraana Cayanna
Sinhala Letter Alpapraana JayannaU+0DA2Sinhala Letter Alpapraana Jayanna
Sinhala Letter Mahaapraana JayannaU+0DA3Sinhala Letter Mahaapraana Jayanna
Sinhala Letter Taaluja NaasikyayaU+0DA4Sinhala Letter Taaluja Naasikyaya
Sinhala Letter Taaluja Sanyooga NaaksikyayaU+0DA5Sinhala Letter Taaluja Sanyooga Naaksikyaya
Sinhala Letter Sanyaka JayannaU+0DA6Sinhala Letter Sanyaka Jayanna
Sinhala Letter Alpapraana TtayannaU+0DA7Sinhala Letter Alpapraana Ttayanna
Sinhala Letter Mahaapraana TtayannaU+0DA8Sinhala Letter Mahaapraana Ttayanna
Sinhala Letter Alpapraana DdayannaU+0DA9Sinhala Letter Alpapraana Ddayanna
Sinhala Letter Mahaapraana DdayannaU+0DAASinhala Letter Mahaapraana Ddayanna
Sinhala Letter Muurdhaja NayannaU+0DABSinhala Letter Muurdhaja Nayanna
Sinhala Letter Sanyaka DdayannaU+0DACSinhala Letter Sanyaka Ddayanna
Sinhala Letter Alpapraana TayannaU+0DADSinhala Letter Alpapraana Tayanna
Sinhala Letter Mahaapraana TayannaU+0DAESinhala Letter Mahaapraana Tayanna
Sinhala Letter Alpapraana DayannaU+0DAFSinhala Letter Alpapraana Dayanna
Sinhala Letter Mahaapraana DayannaU+0DB0Sinhala Letter Mahaapraana Dayanna
Sinhala Letter Dantaja NayannaU+0DB1Sinhala Letter Dantaja Nayanna
Sinhala Letter Sanyaka DayannaU+0DB3Sinhala Letter Sanyaka Dayanna
Sinhala Letter Alpapraana PayannaU+0DB4Sinhala Letter Alpapraana Payanna
Sinhala Letter Mahaapraana PayannaU+0DB5Sinhala Letter Mahaapraana Payanna
Sinhala Letter Alpapraana BayannaU+0DB6Sinhala Letter Alpapraana Bayanna
Sinhala Letter Mahaapraana BayannaU+0DB7Sinhala Letter Mahaapraana Bayanna