Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols Unicode Block

Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols is a Unicode block of Latin and Greek letters and decimal digits that enable mathematicians to denote different notions with different letter styles. The letters in various fonts often have specific, fixed meanings in particular areas of mathematics. By providing uniformity over numerous mathematical articles and books, these conventions help to read mathematical formulae. Unicode now includes many such symbols (in the range U+1D400–U+1D7FF).  The rationale behind this is that it enables design and usage of special mathematical characters (fonts) that include all necessary properties to differentiate from other alphanumerics, e.g. in mathematics an italic "A" can have a different meaning from a roman letter "A". Unicode originally included a limited set of such letter forms in its Letterlike Symbols block before completing the set of Latin and Greek letter forms in this block beginning in version 3.1. Unicode expressly recommends that these characters not be used in general text as a substitute for presentational markup; the letters are specifically designed to be semantically different from each other. Unicode does not include a set of normal serif letters in the set (thus it assumes a given font is a serif by default; a sans-serif font that supports the range would thus display the standard letters and the "sans-serif" symbols identically but could not display normal serif symbols of the same).

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Below you will find all the characters that are in the Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols unicode block. Currently there are 996 characters in this block.

Image Browser Unicode Name
Mathematical Bold Italic Small V𝒗U+1D497Mathematical Bold Italic Small V
Mathematical Bold Italic Small W𝒘U+1D498Mathematical Bold Italic Small W
Mathematical Bold Italic Small X𝒙U+1D499Mathematical Bold Italic Small X
Mathematical Bold Italic Small Y𝒚U+1D49AMathematical Bold Italic Small Y
Mathematical Bold Italic Small Z𝒛U+1D49BMathematical Bold Italic Small Z
Mathematical Script Capital A𝒜U+1D49CMathematical Script Capital A
Mathematical Script Capital C𝒞U+1D49EMathematical Script Capital C
Mathematical Script Capital D𝒟U+1D49FMathematical Script Capital D
Mathematical Script Capital G𝒢U+1D4A2Mathematical Script Capital G
Mathematical Script Capital J𝒥U+1D4A5Mathematical Script Capital J
Mathematical Script Capital K𝒦U+1D4A6Mathematical Script Capital K
Mathematical Script Capital N𝒩U+1D4A9Mathematical Script Capital N
Mathematical Script Capital O𝒪U+1D4AAMathematical Script Capital O
Mathematical Script Capital P𝒫U+1D4ABMathematical Script Capital P
Mathematical Script Capital Q𝒬U+1D4ACMathematical Script Capital Q
Mathematical Script Capital S𝒮U+1D4AEMathematical Script Capital S
Mathematical Script Capital T𝒯U+1D4AFMathematical Script Capital T
Mathematical Script Capital U𝒰U+1D4B0Mathematical Script Capital U
Mathematical Script Capital V𝒱U+1D4B1Mathematical Script Capital V
Mathematical Script Capital W𝒲U+1D4B2Mathematical Script Capital W
Mathematical Script Capital X𝒳U+1D4B3Mathematical Script Capital X
Mathematical Script Capital Y𝒴U+1D4B4Mathematical Script Capital Y
Mathematical Script Capital Z𝒵U+1D4B5Mathematical Script Capital Z
Mathematical Script Small A𝒶U+1D4B6Mathematical Script Small A
Mathematical Script Small B𝒷U+1D4B7Mathematical Script Small B
Mathematical Script Small C𝒸U+1D4B8Mathematical Script Small C
Mathematical Script Small D𝒹U+1D4B9Mathematical Script Small D
Mathematical Script Small F𝒻U+1D4BBMathematical Script Small F
Mathematical Script Small H𝒽U+1D4BDMathematical Script Small H
Mathematical Script Small I𝒾U+1D4BEMathematical Script Small I
Mathematical Script Small J𝒿U+1D4BFMathematical Script Small J
Mathematical Script Small K𝓀U+1D4C0Mathematical Script Small K
Mathematical Script Small L𝓁U+1D4C1Mathematical Script Small L
Mathematical Script Small M𝓂U+1D4C2Mathematical Script Small M
Mathematical Script Small N𝓃U+1D4C3Mathematical Script Small N
Mathematical Script Small P𝓅U+1D4C5Mathematical Script Small P
Mathematical Script Small Q𝓆U+1D4C6Mathematical Script Small Q
Mathematical Script Small R𝓇U+1D4C7Mathematical Script Small R
Mathematical Script Small S𝓈U+1D4C8Mathematical Script Small S
Mathematical Script Small T𝓉U+1D4C9Mathematical Script Small T
Mathematical Script Small U𝓊U+1D4CAMathematical Script Small U
Mathematical Script Small V𝓋U+1D4CBMathematical Script Small V
Mathematical Script Small W𝓌U+1D4CCMathematical Script Small W
Mathematical Script Small X𝓍U+1D4CDMathematical Script Small X
Mathematical Script Small Y𝓎U+1D4CEMathematical Script Small Y
Mathematical Script Small Z𝓏U+1D4CFMathematical Script Small Z
Mathematical Bold Script Capital A𝓐U+1D4D0Mathematical Bold Script Capital A
Mathematical Bold Script Capital B𝓑U+1D4D1Mathematical Bold Script Capital B
Mathematical Bold Script Capital C𝓒U+1D4D2Mathematical Bold Script Capital C
Mathematical Bold Script Capital D𝓓U+1D4D3Mathematical Bold Script Capital D