Mahjong Tiles Unicode Block

Mahjong Tiles is a Unicode block containing characters depicting the standard set of tiles used in the game of Mahjong.

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Below you will find all the characters that are in the Mahjong Tiles unicode block. Currently there are 44 characters in this block.

Image Browser Unicode Name
Mahjong Tile East Wind🀀U+1F000Mahjong Tile East Wind
Mahjong Tile South Wind🀁U+1F001Mahjong Tile South Wind
Mahjong Tile West Wind🀂U+1F002Mahjong Tile West Wind
Mahjong Tile North Wind🀃U+1F003Mahjong Tile North Wind
Mahjong Tile Red Dragon🀄U+1F004Mahjong Tile Red Dragon
Mahjong Tile Green Dragon🀅U+1F005Mahjong Tile Green Dragon
Mahjong Tile White Dragon🀆U+1F006Mahjong Tile White Dragon
Mahjong Tile One Of Characters🀇U+1F007Mahjong Tile One Of Characters
Mahjong Tile Two Of Characters🀈U+1F008Mahjong Tile Two Of Characters
Mahjong Tile Three Of Characters🀉U+1F009Mahjong Tile Three Of Characters
Mahjong Tile Four Of Characters🀊U+1F00AMahjong Tile Four Of Characters
Mahjong Tile Five Of Characters🀋U+1F00BMahjong Tile Five Of Characters
Mahjong Tile Six Of Characters🀌U+1F00CMahjong Tile Six Of Characters
Mahjong Tile Seven Of Characters🀍U+1F00DMahjong Tile Seven Of Characters
Mahjong Tile Eight Of Characters🀎U+1F00EMahjong Tile Eight Of Characters
Mahjong Tile Nine Of Characters🀏U+1F00FMahjong Tile Nine Of Characters
Mahjong Tile One Of Bamboos🀐U+1F010Mahjong Tile One Of Bamboos
Mahjong Tile Two Of Bamboos🀑U+1F011Mahjong Tile Two Of Bamboos
Mahjong Tile Three Of Bamboos🀒U+1F012Mahjong Tile Three Of Bamboos
Mahjong Tile Four Of Bamboos🀓U+1F013Mahjong Tile Four Of Bamboos
Mahjong Tile Five Of Bamboos🀔U+1F014Mahjong Tile Five Of Bamboos
Mahjong Tile Six Of Bamboos🀕U+1F015Mahjong Tile Six Of Bamboos
Mahjong Tile Seven Of Bamboos🀖U+1F016Mahjong Tile Seven Of Bamboos
Mahjong Tile Eight Of Bamboos🀗U+1F017Mahjong Tile Eight Of Bamboos
Mahjong Tile Nine Of Bamboos🀘U+1F018Mahjong Tile Nine Of Bamboos
Mahjong Tile One Of Circles🀙U+1F019Mahjong Tile One Of Circles
Mahjong Tile Two Of Circles🀚U+1F01AMahjong Tile Two Of Circles
Mahjong Tile Three Of Circles🀛U+1F01BMahjong Tile Three Of Circles
Mahjong Tile Four Of Circles🀜U+1F01CMahjong Tile Four Of Circles
Mahjong Tile Five Of Circles🀝U+1F01DMahjong Tile Five Of Circles
Mahjong Tile Six Of Circles🀞U+1F01EMahjong Tile Six Of Circles
Mahjong Tile Seven Of Circles🀟U+1F01FMahjong Tile Seven Of Circles
Mahjong Tile Eight Of Circles🀠U+1F020Mahjong Tile Eight Of Circles
Mahjong Tile Nine Of Circles🀡U+1F021Mahjong Tile Nine Of Circles
Mahjong Tile Plum🀢U+1F022Mahjong Tile Plum
Mahjong Tile Orchid🀣U+1F023Mahjong Tile Orchid
Mahjong Tile Bamboo🀤U+1F024Mahjong Tile Bamboo
Mahjong Tile Chrysanthemum🀥U+1F025Mahjong Tile Chrysanthemum
Mahjong Tile Spring🀦U+1F026Mahjong Tile Spring
Mahjong Tile Summer🀧U+1F027Mahjong Tile Summer
Mahjong Tile Autumn🀨U+1F028Mahjong Tile Autumn
Mahjong Tile Winter🀩U+1F029Mahjong Tile Winter
Mahjong Tile Joker🀪U+1F02AMahjong Tile Joker
Mahjong Tile Back🀫U+1F02BMahjong Tile Back