Hebrew Unicode Block

Hebrew is a Unicode block containing characters for writing the Hebrew, Yiddish, Ladino, and other Jewish diaspora languages.

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Below you will find all the characters that are in the Hebrew unicode block. Currently there are 88 characters in this block.

Image Browser Unicode Name
Hebrew Accent Etnahta֑U+0591Hebrew Accent Etnahta
Hebrew Accent Segol֒U+0592Hebrew Accent Segol
Hebrew Accent Shalshelet֓U+0593Hebrew Accent Shalshelet
Hebrew Accent Zaqef Qatan֔U+0594Hebrew Accent Zaqef Qatan
Hebrew Accent Zaqef Gadol֕U+0595Hebrew Accent Zaqef Gadol
Hebrew Accent Tipeha֖U+0596Hebrew Accent Tipeha
Hebrew Accent Revia֗U+0597Hebrew Accent Revia
Hebrew Accent Zarqa֘U+0598Hebrew Accent Zarqa
Hebrew Accent Pashta֙U+0599Hebrew Accent Pashta
Hebrew Accent Yetiv֚U+059AHebrew Accent Yetiv
Hebrew Accent Tevir֛U+059BHebrew Accent Tevir
Hebrew Accent Geresh֜U+059CHebrew Accent Geresh
Hebrew Accent Geresh Muqdam֝U+059DHebrew Accent Geresh Muqdam
Hebrew Accent Gershayim֞U+059EHebrew Accent Gershayim
Hebrew Accent Qarney Para֟U+059FHebrew Accent Qarney Para
Hebrew Accent Telisha Gedola֠U+05A0Hebrew Accent Telisha Gedola
Hebrew Accent Pazer֡U+05A1Hebrew Accent Pazer
Hebrew Accent Atnah Hafukh֢U+05A2Hebrew Accent Atnah Hafukh
Hebrew Accent Munah֣U+05A3Hebrew Accent Munah
Hebrew Accent Mahapakh֤U+05A4Hebrew Accent Mahapakh
Hebrew Accent Merkha֥U+05A5Hebrew Accent Merkha
Hebrew Accent Merkha Kefula֦U+05A6Hebrew Accent Merkha Kefula
Hebrew Accent Darga֧U+05A7Hebrew Accent Darga
Hebrew Accent Qadma֨U+05A8Hebrew Accent Qadma
Hebrew Accent Telisha Qetana֩U+05A9Hebrew Accent Telisha Qetana
Hebrew Accent Yerah Ben Yomo֪U+05AAHebrew Accent Yerah Ben Yomo
Hebrew Accent Ole֫U+05ABHebrew Accent Ole
Hebrew Accent Iluy֬U+05ACHebrew Accent Iluy
Hebrew Accent Dehi֭U+05ADHebrew Accent Dehi
Hebrew Accent Zinor֮U+05AEHebrew Accent Zinor
Hebrew Mark Masora Circle֯U+05AFHebrew Mark Masora Circle
Hebrew Point ShevaְU+05B0Hebrew Point Sheva
Hebrew Point Hataf SegolֱU+05B1Hebrew Point Hataf Segol
Hebrew Point Hataf PatahֲU+05B2Hebrew Point Hataf Patah
Hebrew Point Hataf QamatsֳU+05B3Hebrew Point Hataf Qamats
Hebrew Point HiriqִU+05B4Hebrew Point Hiriq
Hebrew Point TsereֵU+05B5Hebrew Point Tsere
Hebrew Point SegolֶU+05B6Hebrew Point Segol
Hebrew Point PatahַU+05B7Hebrew Point Patah
Hebrew Point QamatsָU+05B8Hebrew Point Qamats
Hebrew Point HolamֹU+05B9Hebrew Point Holam
Hebrew Point Holam Haser For VavֺU+05BAHebrew Point Holam Haser For Vav
Hebrew Point QubutsֻU+05BBHebrew Point Qubuts
Hebrew Point Dagesh Or MapiqּU+05BCHebrew Point Dagesh Or Mapiq
Hebrew Point MetegֽU+05BDHebrew Point Meteg
Hebrew Punctuation Maqaf־U+05BEHebrew Punctuation Maqaf
Hebrew Point RafeֿU+05BFHebrew Point Rafe
Hebrew Punctuation Paseq׀U+05C0Hebrew Punctuation Paseq
Hebrew Point Shin DotׁU+05C1Hebrew Point Shin Dot
Hebrew Point Sin DotׂU+05C2Hebrew Point Sin Dot